Focus On High Income SKILLS AKA: SALES

Happy New Years gents!

Here’s a fantastic video on finance, entrepreneurship, increasing your income, and learning valuable skills.

The thing I found most interesting is Dan Lok’s comment on focusing on high income skills; this video pretty much reinforces the:

  • usefulness of sales;
  • sales’ highly transferable nature;
  • low barrier to entry for sales e.g.: to get a basic sales job, it’s actually not that difficult, especially in something like recruitment where they’ll give anyone a chance;
  • high margin of safety – I’ve been all but fired from 1/2 of my sales jobs and still managed to get a $10 – $15k pay increase per new job – it’s all about how well you can present and story-tell;
  • sales is practically recession proof, if you’re good. During times of economic boom, companies are desperate for market-share, so need more sales people; during times of economic bust companies are desperate to survive and keep market share, so need great salespeople – either way, you’re good if you’re good

In summation guys, focus on high income skills you can use AGNOSTIC of industry, market vertical, country, language, economic cycle, etc…

EDIT: – I should add that if you want to get better at sales, the answer is NOT to buy Dan Lok’s course, as nobody can become good at sales in 7 weeks. My advice is to try and land your first job in recruitment or lead-gen as a BDR/BDX.

The video was just to reinforce the importance of sales as a skill. I doubt Dan Lok would even be able to sell one enterprise level deal over $50 – $100k in value, B2B.

For reference, have a read of this Quora thread:



The Best Advice Your Parents Never Gave You

Hey gents, it’s been a while and it’s good to be back!

I’ve been on hiatus for the past 6 months after coming across something particularly interesting, and have been dedicating 100% of my efforts toward it. As you can see by the new section added to this blog, I’ll be covering Investing and Finances henceforth. Just a disclaimer: this is not financial advice in any way, shape, or form. You should always do your own research.

Here’s a quick update regarding what I’ve been up to:


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Online Dating Guide – How To Get Numbers and Dates

This post was inspired by a recent discussion I had with my flatmate in Sydney. It all started with a question on how to get dates, what to text the girls, and how to get them to meet you.

Also, before we get into, I do apologize for not posting in a while – I’ve been banging like a mad man and have had 3 girls on rotation for the last few weeks. My Asian lay recently fell over and the fitness chick is off in Europe for a month, so I’ve finally got some more time on my hands – I should have moved to Sydney sooner!

Now if you’ve been reading my shit for some time, you’ll know that:

  • I don’t believe in text game
  • PUAs are retarded and don’t get laid
  • I believe in getting your SMV to do the work for you
  • You should ABC – always be closing (or at least progressing the interaction forward)
  • You should spend minimal time texting the girl and get her details ASAP, then book the meet immediately after that

My flatmate mentioned that he had some difficulty in getting girls’ numbers and meetings, so I had a look at his Tinder and his texting style. As predicted, just by following my simple rules he will immediately see an improvement in results (provided SMV is high enough).

Below are my simple rules for getting numbers/dates from online game, and also some screenshots to accompany – hope you find it to be of use:

  1. Max out SMV and have great photos
  2. Don’t fuck around – screen, screen, screen
  3. Spend no more than 3 messages on the fluff, then go for the number
  4. Always establish logistics
  5. Always establish their schedule – no point getting the number if you don’t know what to do with it
  6. Don’t EVER text game – you shouldn’t need to
  7. Only get involved in small talk IF it’s followed by you asking for their details or pushing the interaction forward
  8. As soon as you get the number send them a face pic (if it’s on Fetlife and she doesn’t know you look like)
  9. Only ever get the KIK if she doesn’t want to give you her number
  10. ALWAYS pitch the meetup shortly after you text them – again DON’T TEXT GAME
  11. Text them on the day of the meetup “see you in a bit”/”see you later on” – bitches can’t manage their schedules and often forget
  12. If you feel that they’re DTF, just ask them to come to your house – I sometimes use this but not very often – just go by feel

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Being Funny Doesn’t Work – With Proof

Hey gents,

Just thought I should link this video below – I can’t stress enough how important working on the following are:

  • Looks
  • Style
  • Height
  • Gains
  • Good grooming

Start watching this video from minute 6

You’ll see the bachelors, especially the guitar guy, break ALL the rules of getting laid (and subsequently going on to not get laid) e.g:

  • Dress like shit
  • Have a shit hair cut
  • Not buying fitting clothes
  • Looking like a simp
  • Being really funny and entertaining (almost trying to win the woman over rather than for self entertainment)
  • Giving a fuck
  • Trying to be witty
  • Not having any gains

What’s even sadder is that for the guitar guy, the only chick who was interested in him was a post-wall, 30 year old single mother, looking for someone to entertain her daughter – no doubt after he’s done singing she’ll tell him she’s too tired to fuck, then go on to fuck some Chad…

All in all gents remember, when it comes to pulling chicks, the only things that matter are:

  • $$$
  • Gains
  • Height
  • Style
  • Grooming

Hope this helps!


Why Marriage Is A Bad Idea

This is a must watch for all of my readers:

This post was inspired by a few posts recently made on the GLL forums – there seems to be a recurring trend of guys finding success, meeting a chick, falling head over heels, putting a ring on it, then getting divorced 2 – 3 years later (and are now down in the metaphorical dumps).

They find themselves severely in debt, fatter, 10 – 15 lb of reverse gains, and are (in short) a far lesser man than they were before they got married. All those years of hard work undone by a single event; they are right back to where they started (and tens of/hundreds of thousands out of pocket).

Next time, before any of you players think about putting a ring on it, go bang a few more girls and watch this video again.


Still Believe “Game” Matters? Watch This…

The only things that matter:

  • Looks
  • $$$$$
  • Status
  • Race
  • Height
  • Style

Now I will say that the guy being interviewed on the video has only been rejected about 200 times, where as I’ve been rejected over 5000 times, but there are some serious truths here; especially about the PUA part; a few of his mates took a PUA bootcamp, and none of them had any success ($3k out of pocket).

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Brief Little Update

Hey gents,

Sorry for not posting in a while – it’s been an insanely busy first quarter of 2018!

Long story short, I’m making the move to Australia and have spent the better part of 15 weeks prepping for it.

I’ve managed to secure an awesome job paying some serious $$$ and anticipate starting 6 – 7 weeks from now. My main focus until then will be to hang with friends/family, regaining the losses from the Thailand food poisoning episode, and be frugal with my spending.

Once I’m all settled into Aussie, you can expect a whole lot more good stuff on this blog (detailing all of my debauchery – creep pics included of course); there’ll be day gaming; there’ll be Fetlifing, and there’ll be plenty of everything else hedonistic.

In the meanwhile, feel free to sift through my GLL thread (you need to be a member) – there’s quite a bit of stuff I’ve posted on there but not on this blog:

Watch this space guys and thanks for the support!


Text Game Guide – Keep It Simple Stupid

Heya gents,

Apologies for not posting in a while – it’s been a busy holiday period and I’ve been doing some travelling around Asia. Unfortunately managed to get some bad food poisoning so that took me out for a while too…

Thought I’d write this post, as I was reading an advice thread the other day. The poor misguided fellows in the case studies below have been listening to PUAs too much, and have essentially shot themselves in the foot – in short, they talked the girl out of meeting up with them for a date, as they came off weird, needy, beta, retarded, and etc. all at the same time.

Now you guys know me and my thoughts on “Game” and “Text Game” – it doesn’t exist. The golden rules are:

  • The less you text the better
  • The less hard you try the better
  • Always want them less than they want you
  • Always have a bunch of other girls you’re texting
  • Max out your SMV and let that do that work for you
  • Always go for the number as quick as possible
  • Never text more than a few messages to pitch the meet up
  • Always pitch the meet up as soon as you get her number, or even better, pitch the meetup and get her number to confirm location
  • Never get stuck on text banter – you can do all that shit in person
  • Never try to impress – it’s counterproductive

What you’re about to see below will most certainly hurt your eyes gents, but mastering the art of minimalism is crucial to success with women! To counterbalance the eyesores, I’ve inserted a few examples of minimalistic “Text Game”. If you’re SMV is high enough, you can even do it in one message – it all depends on your SMV.

Timewaster Guide v2 (With Casestudies) – Cut Your Losses Early

Heya Gents, hope you all had a great start to your New Year!

When you’ve been doing this “game” shit as long as I have, you start to sharpen your senses. Your timewaster detector ascends to eagle-eye level, and you begin to understand just how valuable your time is.

“But Shanghai Bobby, what if I’m new to this whole game thing and have no idea which chick is good ROI and which one isn’t?”

I’m glad you asked that. First of all, if you haven’t already, go read my original time wasters guide here:

This second guide is a more comprehensive version of the first guide – not everything in this world is black & white – sometimes, people spend time with you just to waste your time.

Because of the exact reason above, this article will help you discern trash from treasure in your dating life.

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