Just for One Night

Beautiful dark blonde hair, big brown eyes, tight body and C cup tits.

I had just finished up a late lunch after a long training session at the gym. Feeling less beat up than usual I decide to go ‘shopping for some pants’ (AKA talk to beautiful women on the street). It had been raining a lot lately and the sun was finally out, and experience tells me where there is sunshine, there is beautiful women.

After walking around Queen Street for a bit with not much luck, I decide to do a quick loop around Fort Street (even though I never go there, but for some reason today I felt like it). It was pretty dead so I begin to turn back towards Queen Street, when out of nowhere, Jenna appears. She was carrying a backpack and looked like she just arrived.

Noticing her beautiful perky tits and her fine body, along with her pair of well defined legs (inside a pair of black yoga pants) I could not help myself. I stop her and tell her how attractive she looked. She was shocked. She proceeded to tell me how she felt disgusting because she just got off a long bus ride, to which I responded:

“Well if I can like you at your worst, I can definitely like you at your best”

She smiled and leant in a bit closer.

We banter for around 5 minutes and I ask her to go for a drink with me. She tells me she has to go meet her mates but we reschedule to meet later in the evening. We exchange numbers and I head back towards Queen Street.

5 minutes later, I get a text:

We meet at the Fat Camel for a beer. She’s super fun and highly intelligent. I’m really enjoying our conversation!

I found out she’s on a ‘self-discovery trip to New Zealand’ after a rough breakup with an ex back home. I also find out she’s leaving Auckland to travel rural NZ first thing in the morning. At this point, the only thought that crosses my mind is ‘you need to take this girl home TONIGHT’.

We talk some more and I tell her to take a walk with me. We end up visiting a local liquor store to buy some Soju, and I decide to take her to my favorite drinking spot in town (a quaint little park tucked away behind a block of apartments, with some really lush grass/flower beds).

We sit down on a bench and after about 10 minutes of talking, our conversation quickly gets sexual. I find out she’s always dated really selfish guys who didn’t love her right. She also tells me she’s always wanted to try BDSM but never had the chance, and her ex’s were not really adventurous. Poor girl…

I take her hand and start playing with it. She takes it away, but I take it back after a few minutes. This time she holds on and squeezes it tight. Sensing blood in the water, I go in for the make out and she kisses back. Making sure I don’t overcook the goose, I pull away. We talk some more and a few minutes later we kiss again. I tell her that I’ve got some cool BDSM stuff to show her. She goes bright red and has a huge smile on her face, and agrees to ‘come for a walk’ with me.

We pack up our Soju, I take her by the hand and we start walking towards my place, holding hands.

When we get to my place, we sit down on my bed and chill out for a bit. I fetch my ropes from the cupboard and show her some basic Shibari ties (hands, wrists, elbows, ankles, and etc.). After a few minutes of the mini-bondage lesson, I push her down on the bed and we begin kissing/biting passionately.

Needless to say we fucked our hearts out. She rides like a champion and loves being tied up!

After a good 2 hours or so, we decide to go grab some dinner. I take her for a drive to One Tree Hill then drop her off to her hostel. Knowing that there’s a 95% chance she won’t come back (most of them never do if you bed them too quick), I give her a passionate goodbye kiss (literally) and wish her good night. She tells me she had an amazing day and wishes me good night too.

Unfortunately as predicted, she didn’t answer the two texts I sent to her a few days later. Such a shame too. I would have loved to date her.
Oh well. Back to Queen Street to ‘buy some more pants’!

6 thoughts on “Just for One Night”

  1. Well for me, whenever I get mad/disheartened from rejection, I always remind myself of Ali’s quote:

    I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

    Just remember bro, you dick isn’t going to suck itself. Once you die, you’re dead forever. Do you want to be that guy who is 50, has only banged some women (most probably not that hot), and is now too old to have the sex life of his dreams?

    Rejection hurts, but it NEVER hurts even a fraction as much as REGRET.

    1. The last line really got to me bro. We’re all gonna be dead one day.

      Also I’ve read some of your other stories, and it seems like you get with a lot of foreign/tourist chicks. Is this an active choice? Or because native chicks are not as responsive to you? Maybe it s a future article you can write about 🙂

          1. You can easily tell – usually, Kiwi girls are dressed really shit and have ugly faces they try to hide with a tonne of makeup.

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