The Hottie and the Third Wheel

This little gem will be my first story of many on this blog, and is happy memory from my short stay in London.

It’s week 4 of my 6 week stay in London. There was finally some questionable sunshine after 4 hard days of unquestionable rain. I hadn’t had sex since I left New Zealand 4 weeks ago, and my balls felt like they were going to explode!

I catch the train from Bethnal Green towards Leicester Square and start walking around. It’s about 3pm in the afternoon. There was some fine talent, and after 4 or 5 rejections, I spot a short, curvy, and super cute English girl with a fringe, dark blonde hair, and a fine pair legs showing ever so clearly in her yoga pants. Oblivious to the fact that she was part of a MUCH larger group (some random awareness walk around London), I went in.

We ended up hitting it off and I find out she actually really likes Kiwis (something about a special someone who was from NZ).

After a few minutes of good banter and laughs, I give her a hug and reward her some brownie points because she knew so much about New Zealand. She hugs back and squeezes. My gut tells me that it’s definitely on so I ask her to go for a drink with me, but alas … a chubby girl, who was tall as she is wide, chimes in. Apparently that’s her best friend and they still have around 1 hour of the awareness walk to do.

Seeing the clear (and rather rotund) obstacle in front of me, I decide to keep pushing hard, so I take the hottie by the hand and start walking with her. Her fat friend obviously comes along but gets super sketch about the whole situation – my girl doesn’t care though, so it’s all good.

It starts getting a bit chilly so I put my arm around her shoulders. She puts her arm around my waist. For the next hour, we pretty much walk hand in hand or arms around each other while her friend is snapchatting us being all mushy. The hottie and I banter about her life, dreams, past relationships, and general sex talk.

Towards the conclusion of the awareness walk, I tell her to come for a drink with me. She tells me she can’t ditch her friend, so we end up sitting at a bar cuddling while her friend feels more and more like a third wheel. Eventually her friend gets up to go play on the fruit machine. Sensing my chance to kiss her, I put my hand on her chin and turn her face towards me and we make out. Noticing her friend’s clear frustration, she decides to go order a drink for the 3 of us. While we were waiting for the drinks to arrive. I’m feeling up her thighs, waist, and ass all over. My dick goes instantly hard and I push it against her.

Now you’d think at this rate I would have taken her home after the drink right? WRONG!

After we finish our drinks, I go to kiss her again but she tells me she has to go back home with her friend; some lame ass excuse about her friend catching a train 2 hours from out of London just to go do this walk with her.

My heart sinks and I sadly have no choice but to grab her number, and see her another day. I walk them to the train station, pick her up, straddle her legs around me, make out again with her, and fully prepare that this would be the last time we’d see each other.

It’d be on my second to last day in London that I finally bang the English hottie, and it almost didn’t happen!

Anyhow, some time passes and I arrange to catch up with her on the Saturday before I leave London, around 3pm. She agreed.

Come Saturday, I get a text at 10am saying she felt like shit and to move 3pm to 6pm. Come 2pm I get a text with her bailing because she still feels terrible. We reschedule for Sunday (the day before I leave London), and in half-depressed/half-angry state, I head out to fight until the bitter end, determined not to leave London without getting laid. I didn’t get shit that day/night…

Come Sunday I get a text around noon saying she still feels bad. I decide to give her a call and tell her it was great meeting her, and say goodbye because I’m leaving London the next day. No answer. I send her a goodbye text and wish her well. An immediate feeling of doom and failure begins to brew inside of me.

Just as I was about to go drown my sorrows, my phone starts ringing. It was her… I pick up and she tells me she’ll be over in 2 hours to come say goodbye. We arrange to meet outside Bethnal Green station around 4pm. I decide to go out and talk to as many girls as I can, fully expecting her to flake.Come 4pm, I arrived outside the station and to my surprise there she was! Dressed in her pretty little dress with her grey leggings, and that perfectly straightened hair.. She even brought me a bottle of Czech beer because I told her my next destination was Prague!

Needless to say, I took her straight to my place, threw her on the bed, and fucked her like a champion! Talk about cutting it fine!

Anyhow, after about a good couple hours of fucking and a lil bit of post-sex cuddling, she tells me she has to head back and see her aunt for dinner. I find out she caught the train all the way from way outside of London to come say goodbye.

Guess there’s no motivation like goodbye forever motivation haha!

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