Fond Memories of Prague 2

Continuing on from part one, I was due to catch up with Natalya 40 minutes after I dropped Suzie off to the underground.

I met Natalya on the same week I met Suzie, after leaving London and going on an approach rampage in Prague.

The day I met Natalya, she was walking around Na Prikope doing a bit of shopping. She was fine as all hell – blonde, big breasted, tall, wearing this tight dress that showed off everything, particularly her curvy hips + ass – very classy.

I ran up to her in the street and do what I usually do, which is: tell her she looks attractive, tell her just wanted to talk to her for bit, and freestyle from there.

About 5 minutes into the conversation, I noticed that she looked tense/worn out, so asked her how many idiots she’s had to deal with today. Apparently she is part of some touring company that caters to East European tourists, particularly retarded and demanding old Russian couples.

Anyhow, we keep talking and I reach one of my hands behind her neck/upper back trapezius area, and start massaging it. She was definitely tense from her long day. She also gave me a look that screamed ‘boy, you’ve got some nerve’, intermingled with attraction, and a mild dose of respect (I assume for being so audacious with my touching).

She seemed comfortable so I get my other hand involved, and for the next few minutes we had a really nice chat whilst I have her a massage. I ask her to come have a drink with me, but she tells me she has a night walking tour she has to host, so I grab her number and we arrange to catch up later that week.

Similar to where I took Suzie (in part 1), I took Natalya to the little bar and followed my same first date process, which can be found here. After about an hour, I take her by the hand and start walking towards my apartment. My excuse for getting her home with me was that I wanted to show her the New Style Hustle dance. This dance is absolutely fantastic, and I learnt the basics at a 10 day dance camp a few years back. I’d highly recommend any of you guys who want to learn how to dance with a woman, or approach a woman on the dance floor, to learn at least the basics.

After we got inside my apartment, we danced a bit and I started cuddling with her while we were dancing, putting my hand around her waist, picking her up and getting her to straddle me, and etc. Sensing that she could be DTF, I go in for the make out, but get instantly rejected. She tells me she’s a classy girl and then starts putting her shoes on. I tell her to take me for a quick walk around Prague, to her favorite little spots (realizing that I may have jumped the gun slightly).

We end up going on a long walking date. During the date, we were holding hands on/off, with her complaining that it was weird because she only does this with her bf. I ignore this and eventually get my way, and we hold hands for the rest of the date. At the end of the date, we sit down by the Prague river. She’s sitting on some rocks with her legs open, so I slide in and try to go for the makeout again. Still instantly rejected… the closest I got was little pecks and eskimo kisses, with Natalya telling me that she only kisses her boyfriend.

Thinking that I probably won’t sleep with her and that she’ll most likely ghost me, I part ways with her. Later that night I send her a text telling her we should catch up again. To my surprise, I instantly get a text back saying she was keen, but her only free slot was Saturday 9pm, because the next day she had to leave Prague round noon to go do another tour, for some ‘dumb Russians’, lol.

Fast Forward to Saturday, I meet Natalya outside the Palladium and tell her I have a bottle of Moscato in my apartment, trying to take her straight back to mine. She vehemently refused and said she wanted to go for a walk. Thinking this is most definitely friendzone, I agree, but at the back of my mind set a timer for 1 hour – if after 1 hour, we hadn’t at least made out, I’m going to tell her to go home.

After a short little walk around the old town, I tell her I’m freezing, so we cuddle while walking. Conveniently, I start coughing and tell her we should go somewhere warm, and surprisingly she agreed??!! Anyhow, we end up back at my place and I open the bottle of wine. We drink a bit and I go for the make out. 0 resistance. I go for her tits. 0 resistance. I go for her pussy. Wet as the blue ocean. 0 resistance. At this point I’m confused – 30 minutes ago she wasn’t having a bar of it, and now she’s wet as fuck? Wtf is this girl logic?

At this point, my dick is still mostly limp from Suzie. Nonetheless, two girls in the space of 4 hours isn’t something to sneeze at! I throw Natalya onto the bed and we start ripping each others’ clothes off. She seems disappointed that I was barely semi-hard and I pray to the gods to give me strength (down there). Thankfully after some strenuous mental effort, I manage get a hardon and seal the deal.
By the time I was done, I was absolutely shattered. Natalya and I would go on to see each other infrequently whenever she was back in Prague, all the way up until I left.

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