Why I Love Dating ‘Intimidating’ Women

‘Man that girl was smoking hot! Why didn’t you go talk to her?’

‘She intimidates me … look how she struts so confidently, so dominantly, like she owns life. And that resting bitch face, she’d eat me alive!’

Does this situation sound familiar?

I know when I talk to guys, time and again, this same topic comes up; or at least a variation of this topic.

‘Tall confident women intimidate me’

‘She looks bitchy’

‘I’m sure she’s way too hot/fiery for me to handle’

‘It’s probably a safer bet going for a nice girl, she’d probably be nicer. That one looks like she’ll be a complete bitch to me’

These statements are all excuses and weak attempts at rationalizing why you shouldn’t go and meet this girl/woman. What all of these statements essentially translate to can be summarized by the statement below:

‘I lack testicular fortitude, and I’m simply not man enough for her’

Whenever I witness this situation, my first and immediate reaction is to go talk to this so called ‘intimidating female’ – if you’re not going hard, you’re going home alone. Even if you get brutally rejected, who cares? From my experience, more often than not, she’ll actually be lovely and very nice. Also from my experience, the resting bitch face/scary demeanour is something she’s developed over time, in order to weed out the real men from the field of wet blankets (Kiwi English for pussies).

I’ve dated around a dozen of these ‘resting bitch face’ ‘intimidating’ women till date; they’ve turned out to be some of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. Moreover, these women are BY FAR the wildest/kinkiest and best sex I’ve ever had.

Noticing a pattern between ‘intimidating women’ and 10/10 epic sex, I decided to sit down one day and really think about the reasons why this correlation exists. My meandering thoughts also lead me to do some research on the topic. Naturally, this has also led me to asking the ‘intimidating women’ I’ve dated/currently dating questions on this very topic.

The one answer that was consistent with each of these women when I queried them was something along the lines of: ‘I just love sex. I’ve got a super high sex drive, and I love it when a man is dominant, adventurous, and kinky’. One of them even told me (after we had sex) that when I ran up to her on the street to talk to her, she knew that if I took her home, there’d be a high chance I’d spank her, dominate her, and play rough with her in the bedroom, just the way she likes it!

Another one even volunteered to fulfil any fetish/kink I desired, after only 2 weeks of dating her.

Now I don’t profess to be some kind of scientist/biology expert, but after doing some research on this topic here and here, it seems evident that more masculine qualities such as decisiveness, adventurousness, bluntness, high libido, confidence and dominance, all correlate with higher levels of the hormone Testosterone. It makes sense when we think about it. That’s why many softer men (submissive/lower testosterone) are intimidated by these sultry, strong, confident, and straight-to-the-point women. Much like when you observe nature, the weaker and less alpha males of the species often avoid or look down, when in the presence of the pack leader. That’s also why these ‘intimidating’ women tell me they rock their look/demeanour on purpose – to filter out the wet blankets. They want a ‘real man’.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand.

The reason why I love dating this type of woman can be summarized as follows:

  • The sex is almost always 9/10 or 10/10 – wild, rough, and kinky
  • Their sex drive is VERY high, meaning there’ll be plenty of repeat ‘business’, provided you don’t botch it by acting like a complete needy pussy idiot
  • They are always down to try new kinky things – remember, testosterone correlates with a sense of adventure
  • Because you’ve impressed them enough to bed them, their kudos for you often mean at least 3 – 6 months of consistent and uncommitted sex, with very little or no bullshit, which women more feminine and higher in levels of oestrogen are more prone to
  • Relevant to the above point, they know you’re a boss and can easily pull other quality girls, hence drama is very low (most of the time)
  • They love working out – most of these ‘intimidating’ women I’ve dated work out anywhere between 4 – 6 days per week, resulting in VERY tight bodies
  • They normally always have multiple orgasms, often near double digits

In TLDR terms, they are some of the most fun, adventurous, sexually gratifying, and happy women you’ll ever date (should you have the balls to approach them). As of writing this article, I’ve just wrapped up an epic night with one of the ‘intimidating’ women I’m dating. Last night she came around wearing a schoolgirl outfit with a mini-skirt so short, it might as well be redundant. Last week she came in a black corset with black thigh high Italian garter stockings, and 6 inch black and red heels. I wonder what she’ll wear next time…

So, henceforth, when you see one of these ‘intimidating’ women, if you happen to be one of these ‘she intimidates me’ types of guys, instead of doing nothing, go up to her and tell her you think she’s attractive. Strike up a conversation. You never know what awesome and fun adventures await you, and you never will if you just sit on your ass.

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