Game Won’t Help You – Part 1

A couple of guys who see me working the streets came up to me today. We had a solid chat about some of their current issues/frustrations. One theme that kept coming up was around the concept of ‘Game’, and all these new systems I’ve never even heard of, which were intertwined with complex terminologies that attract migraine headaches like a magnet.

This article will be broken down into two parts, addressing what I believe are the biggest mistakes guys make when it comes to consistently meeting, bedding, and retaining attractive women, at least 7/10.

Fundamental Flaw #1 – believing you can ‘game’ them all, and with enough ‘game’ any woman will be yours:

This belief is absolutely flawed, and will lead to many nights of insomnia, many years of life wasted trawling crappy RSD videos/articles looking for that ‘golden technique’ to fix that ‘particular failed set’, and many hours of squandered time trying to seduce what cannot be seduced.

I preface the reasons why buying into this retarded belief system is a complete waste of time, with an extract of a conversation I had with one of my fuckbuddys recently:

‘So I’m not your type huh?’ I said.

‘Not really. I typically prefer guys who are taller than me, and guys who are more ripped’. She replied. ‘You’re neither, but I guess you make up for the lack of height with your muscles – you’re definitely more jacked than guys I typically date.’

‘Glitch in the Matrix eh?’ I smirked.

‘Not really haha, you just happened to be in the right place at the right time.’ She smirked back. ‘A week before we met, I told myself that it had been about 3 months, and I’m keen to get ridden by some masculine fit guy. Obviously you weren’t my perfect 10, but we’re about the same height, you look like you worked out, and by the way you dominated our conversation, I knew you’d take me home and give it to me just the way I like.’

‘And all I had to do was not fuck it up, right?’ I laughed.

‘Yep!’ She nodded.

We then proceeded to fuck like sex addicts for the next two hours, and I dominated her just the way she liked it.


To think that you can somehow seduce every girl is a huge fallacy.

Now before you PUA donkeys jump in and start hating, telling me that what she said was a ‘shit test’/’congruency test’, not everything a woman says is a shit test, you muppet. There is more to life than ‘game’ and passing ‘shit tests’.

The fundamental secrets to sleeping with attractive women consistently, and retaining them are:

  • Approach lots, and I mean LOTS. When all’s said and done, no matter how good you look, how good your ‘game’ is, how ‘alpha’ you are, and [insert any another fancy term here], your success rate will NEVER EXCEED 9 – 11%. Believe me, when I say 9 – 11% I mean even if you were 10/10 in looks, 10/10 in game, and a multi millionaire. I’ve slept with close to 70 women, and I can say that my success rate is hovering around 4% (after doing this a while), and by success rate, I mean meet to bed through cold approach. Numbers, dates, makeouts, second base, ANYTHING BUT SEX, is not success
  • Most women are NOT AVAILABLE – for a full and detailed explanation, click this link and this link and also this link
  • Even if you’re not a woman’s ideal type, if you’re close enough, then you’ll most probably do for now, for the near future, and for the unforeseeable distant future – women have needs too, and it isn’t uncommon for women to compromise (provided the compromise isn’t astronomical). Once a woman starts fucking you a few times, she’ll catch feelings and grow accustomed/comfortable with you being around, and eventually habit sinks in and voila, you have a fuckbuddy/gf/partner
  • Present yourself in the best possible light (body, clothes, accessories, hairstyle, skincare, breath, hygiene, oral health, etc. etc.)
  • Don’t be a retard

Now before all you nitpickers tell me it takes ‘game’ to ‘not fuck it up’, not everything is ‘game’. For fucks sakes guys, common sense is not game. Much like it’s common sense to not put your hand on a hot stove or shove a cactus up your ass, it’s also common sense to chill, let the girl talk, touch her in a dominant masculine and non rapey way, talk in an as deep toned and relaxed way as you can, lean back and relax when you’re on a date with her, bust her balls a little bit, AND NOT run through a bunch of DHV + qualify + build deep rapport + create a super deep connection with her + spike her emotions + assume attraction + whatever other bullshit people teach you on the internet.

I will admit that it takes some skill and some practice to learn ‘common sense’, but it’s NOWHERE near the emphasis that some of these PUA donkeys put, devising new and complicated fancy circus acts (routines), belief systems (inner game), and theories (useless mental masturbation). Once you get the basics down, you put in the SWEAT EQUITY (approach lots).

To put it simply in TLDR: to consistently pull and date attractive women 7/10, you should spend some time working on common sense, spend lots of time approaching lots of attractive women, and present yourself in the best possible light, which we cover in part 2. In part 2, we also cover defining success and why doing all of this ‘game’/’meeting woman’ shit might as well be useless, if you don’t have an endgame in mind.

That’s all for now guys. In the meanwhile, get out there and approach 100 women…or read some more PUA theory bullshit and waste another 10 hours of your life, then go to bed alone.

9 thoughts on “Game Won’t Help You – Part 1”

  1. Hey I think this is a great post! My black ass has been overthinking this shit way too much. My swag is decent (but could be improved), I put on a bit of muscle this year (still trying to gain more), but the only thing I need to do is put in the numbers. How do you recommend hitting up girls in University?

    1. University isn’t my specialty, but I have a mate who goes there – cold approach doesn’t seem to work. These kids are still in highschool click mode, thus I’d recommend hardcore night game or social circle game.

      You may want to get a second opinion from someone more experienced in this field.

  2. I tried to approach some woman for 4 years, but was not able to do it.I think it would take me 50 years to approach 100 women, best case scenario.
    Dating sites are all a lost cause.Complete waste of time.
    Now I just accept i will be single.No point in pursuing sex or relationships.It is not meant to be.

  3. Just aim for really ugly fat women, and you will occassionally get some interest.But if you are not a good looking man, hot women will never find you attractive, itrespective of any other traits you possess. Often attractive women become very “Dark” on ugly men who try talking to them.It is not recommended.Just aim for women your own age and looks level.If you are ugly, you should pursue ugly women.If you are old, you should pursue old women.Anything else is a waste of time and will most certainly fail.

    1. Whilst your views are very black pill and reads of TFL (true forced loneliness) or inceldom, I would have to sympathize with your situation and agree.

      You can only pull girls within your league unless you have leverage e.g. mad status or $$. If your league is sub zero, than you can only pull sub zero (or worse).

      I also agree with your comments that attractive women will label sub par guys as “creeps”, and Chads as “charming/direct/no-nonsense”, even though they might say the same things.

      Sadly, this is the unfortunate reality of nature and the world we live in. My advice to you (if you’re truly that genetically fucked), is to get as rich as possible. If you are white, move to somewhere like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and etc. ASAP. There you can still pull Asian 8+ despite your Western SMV being <3 (assumed and no offense intended).

      Furthermore, unless you're making $500k - $1mm per year, the likelihood of you fucking white 7+ are slim to none.

      I'm truly sorry for your situation Daniel. However, I'm reluctant to not challenge your black pill views - many incels could become a 6.5/7 if they put in the effort. Having said this, I suspect their time and energy is better invested into becoming as rich as possible, if they want to fuck better than 6 - 7s.

      My2cents. Cheers,

      1. Oh well.I an kinda reasonably wealthy but not in the 500k plus league.
        As far as “becoming” a 6.5/7, well i found that this i really a pointless effort. I went out one night in a group including two overweight circa 50 year olds. Even though i was 10 plus years younger, well dressed and groomed, in immaculate physical shape, some gay guy rated me a 4/10 in attractiveness.The 55 year old fat woman was a 5 or 6 i think.
        You really cant change your attractiveness, as it is determined by facial characteristics which you cannot favourably alter by any means including plastic surgery.

        1. Again I can’t agree with you Daniel – if a gay guy rates you a 4, it doesn’t matter because we’re not trying to fuck gay guys. 1 rating from a gay guy is hardly accurate – you should put your immaculate photos up on photo feeler to get a true rating. 50+ votes from women 25 – 40 should be good.

          Also, no matter how bad your face is (unless you have downs), a good body can get you to a 7.

          TLDR – move to Thailand or somewhere like that

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