When Should You Take Her Home – Part 2

Back in part 1 of this series, we explored how the speed of taking a woman home affects likelihood of sex and retention rates, and what I believe are some of the underlying thoughts and rationales going on in her head, when you decide how quickly to bed her.


In part 2 of this series, I have created some useful graphs and charts to help you visualize (if you’re not much of an avid reader). Hopefully this will help you decide how quickly you want to take your next date home.


As a general rule of thumb, because I have various time consuming hobbies and a demanding corporate job, my default is to always take her home without adversely impacting likelihood of sex nor retention, when I bed her. As mentioned in part 1 of the article, it’s usually somewhere between the second and third date, but more often than not, the second.

Having said this, you may be a young and energetic player who has all the time, and patience in the world, and may be after some crazy shit/epic stories, which then by all means bed her as quickly as you like – just keep in mind that you’ll be up for LOTS of girls who just disappear on you after one fuck, or receive TONNES of LMR before finally having sex with them.


How do I know this? Because when I was younger, I was that young energetic player with all the time in the world, who wanted to pull off the craziest shit.


N.B. The graphs below are more relevant to meeting/dating/bedding women from day time cold approach; from my experience, the likelihood of LMR bedding her quickly at night time go way down, but the retention rates are near zero when pulling girls from a night club. Furthermore, it’s pointless to go slow with girls at a nightclub, because they’re there to get fucked. Paradoxically, if you don’t pull the girls home from a night club fast, they lose interest and go on to find the next guy will will TAKE THEM HOME AND FUCK THEM HARD, and disappear never to be seen/heard from again.

Further N.B. For women you meet through online dating, I find that the same issues of bedding her two quickly exist between online and day time cold approach. Having said this, once you complete a solid first date, the likelihood of sex are almost certain, and the likelihood of LMR are near negligible, for online dating.

The likelihood of her never coming back if you bed her too quickly (from online dating) are similar to that of day time cold approach.

As you can see guys, going too quick affects retention + LMR, and going too slow means she thinks either:

  • You just want to be friends
  • You’re not attracted to her
  • You’re a pussy and can’t pull the trigger
  • You have no idea what you’re doing
  • You’re a super nice guy, thus your frame goes from sexual to provider, which means that even if you eventually fuck her, she’ll subconsciously behave like she does around any provider type guy – she’ll end up giving you more drama, making you jump through more hoops, and definitely keep the sex VERY vanilla


In summary guys, as previously touched on, the sweet spot is somewhere between the second and third date, but most often the second. The speed at which you take her home and the way you interact with her sets the tone for the rest of your time with her, should you intend to see her again, after you have sex with her.


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