Game Won’t Help You – Part 2

You’ll recall in part 1, we explored fundamental flaw #1, namely that of believing you can ‘game’ them all and ‘have them all’, if your ‘game’ is strong enough.


In part 2, we explore:


  • Fundamental flaw #2 – not presenting yourself in the best possible light


Fundamental Flaw #2 – Not Presenting Yourself In the Best Possible Light


I preface this section with some advice from Hollywood (that’s actually useful), and an extract of a conversation I had recently with one of the guys I regularly bump into, while working the streets. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call him ‘Jerry’:

‘I tried direct for about a month!’ He mumbled, as if almost depressed. ‘It didn’t work, so I’m going back to indirect…’


‘By didn’t work, what do you mean?’ I replied.


‘All of the girls would either tell me they have boyfriends, or give me excuses, or give me a fake number, or would just not give me their number for no good reason.’ He sighed. ‘Now that I’ve gone back to indirect, they meet up with me but I get friendzoned a lot. But at least I get them out on dates with me now!’


‘Can I offer you some advice?’ I looked at him, with part pity and part contempt.


‘Sure!’ He sounded excited. ‘I’m definitely keen to understand what I’m doing wrong, saying wrong, and perhaps whether I’m building enough attraction/compliance … [insert PUA bullshit here].’


‘Lose the glasses, get contact lenses. Lose the shoes (they literally looked like Steve Carell’s NB Sneakers from the video). Get a completely new haircut. Buy new jeans – a nice pair. Go to the gym, gain 10 – 15kgs of muscle.’ His face scorned at me in disgust…


‘I thought you were going to tell me something that’s actually useful…’ He replied, defensively.


We ended up talking a bit more, before I concluded that this young lad was a lost cause. Forever will he be doomed by the deep rooted PUA crap in his head, and will be trapped in the vicious cycle of approach → date → friendzone → sadness and anger → more indirect PUA crap → cycle repeats itself.


In simple layman’s terms, Jerry had the following problems:


  • He looked like an Asian version of Steve Carell, with glasses, and a shitty Jackie Chan haircut
  • He didn’t go to gym, so his body was similar to Steve Carell’s (skinny fat)
  • He dressed like Steve Carell
  • His talking wasn’t too bad, but still screamed ‘Asian nerd’
  • His ‘game’ was old school mystery method indirect PUA monkey crap – that style of ‘game’ screams nothing but oestrogen, passiveness, and non-masculine
  • He would spend all of his interactions with women trying his best to ‘not get rejected’, and prolong the interaction AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, to build comfort and trust


Anyhow guys, you can see why he was getting no results at all. Not only was he NOT presenting himself in the best possible light, he was doing the opposite – presenting himself in the WORST possible light e.g. giving in to women’s typical stereotypes of soft/weak/timid Asian men.


On top of that, he’s also spending ALL of his time reading retarded PUA crap that doesn’t even work, rather than spend his time at the gym, fixing his broken style, and becoming a testosterone filled/sexually charged man.


Because there are an array of useful resources available out there, dedicated to presenting yourself as best as possible, I’m not going into detail about my recommendations. The two links below are a good start:


The Good Looking Loser’s Lifestyle Guide (for style);




Then X – Calisthenics or their YouTube Channel (Calisthenics is my preferred training style for getting a strong and ripped physique)


Looking good and dressing well is a matter of trial and error. I’d recommend everyone to test out different looks and see what works best. The standard ‘looks good for white guys’ may not suit ethnic minorities, and what looks good for young Jerry may not look good if you’re Indian/Arabic.


In summary gentlemen, much like nutrition is as important as exercise (for a good body), presenting yourself immaculately is as important as ‘game’, for meeting, bedding, and dating attractive women.


Wasting all of your time on PUA crap is the highway to forever alone. Don’t be that guy (Jerry).
See you in part 3 where I’ll break down what it means to ‘have a game plan’.

One thought on “Game Won’t Help You – Part 2”

  1. This advice is correct, especially for cold approach. However, I do know a few guys who have done better than they should (“above their league”) working through their friend groups/social groups (who might be affiliated, for example, with a sport). The guys were reasonably in shape from the sport but not particularly good looking. Unfortunately, I have no idea how they did it, but the point is there is something in between the cold approach player and friend-zoned guy: a kind of cool, not even necessarily high-status, but cool guy who slowly makes his way in, talks and texts to the girl alot, somehow without her losing attraction. If you think to all the guys you’ve known in your life, you might remember a few guys like this.

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