How To Meet & Take a Girl Home – During The Day

During a recent conversation I had with a friend, who is an absolute player (but only during the night), we discussed why I much prefer to do daygame over nightgame. He simply couldn’t fathom taking a woman home during the day, let alone talk to her, without the comfort of his trusty friend – alcohol.


For the sake of anonymity, we shall call this friend ‘Rob’.
The link below is a simple process flow chart I created, so you too can take a woman home, during the day, within a couple hours of meeting her. Having said this, I’d recommend taking her home after 2 dates, so you avoid all the pitfalls that come with bedding her too quick.

Aggressive Strategy_Meeting Women During The Day

‘Unbelievable!’ Remarked Rob. ‘You’re telling me you took these girls home within a couple hours of meeting them, and this was during the day?’


‘Yes.’ I replied.


‘And you met all of these girls walking down Queen Street?’ His face looked something similar to the picture below.


‘Yes.’ I replied, again.


‘If you didn’t have the photos to prove, I would have called bullshit.’ Rob said, still in disbelief.


‘There’s a caveat to all this same-day-laying Rob.’ I said.


Rob and I then went on to discuss the caveat. I’ll recap what we discussed below:


Taking a woman home during the day, especially only hours after meeting her, is a huge adrenaline rush. It’s one of the coolest feelings one can have, but it’s unreliable. If I compare my sex life now with my sex life when I was only doing same-day-lays, I’d pick my current sex life any day.


However, should you still want to pull off some same-day-lays, I’d recommend doing it when you have 2 – 3 steady fuckbuddys on rotation. Once you have this down, if you fail to same-day-lay (and she disappears on you forever), you still have sex on tap.


There’s no real magic to taking a woman home on the same day gents. It’s mostly about timing and availability. Combine that with a tiny bit of game, and you too can have these cool experiences. Just don’t go relying on this being a reliable source of constant sex, and be fully prepared that most women you same-day-lay, will disappear on you as quickly as took them home.

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