Should You Bang Your Co-Worker?

I decided to write an article on this topic after reading a forum thread the other day titled:

“Coworker – yes or no?”

His comment reads:

The responses on the forum thread were very disappointing… They were along the lines of:

Not only are the responses unhelpful, they could actually be detrimental.

Whilst I’m not going to give you an answer on whether you should bang your co-worker, I will help you understand some of the important factors that should be considered, as part of your decision making process.

How much do you value your job?

Is your boss also banging your co-worker? Does he have feelings for her? What are the implications of him not wanting to share her, and you subsequently banging her?
If she wants to get serious and you don’t/vice versa, what would you then do? What if you bang her, get feelings, then she bangs another guy in the office?
If you guys end up dating, what happens if shit goes bad, and you have to see her face at work. Every. Single. Fucking. Day.
If you end up dating and it goes bad, and she’s a spiteful/vengeful bitch, how will that impact your ability to keep the job/perform well at work?

Do you REALLY need to bang this one particular woman?

There are so many women everywhere, why this one particular one?
Is she really that special, or are you just being a pussy and not approaching/taking the easy lay?

Is it actually worth it?

From the OP’s comments, it should have already been clear that this was definitely NOT WORTH IT, and should have easily been a ‘DON’T BANG’
He had his reputation to consider
He clearly didn’t want to have shit go bad at work, and I assume he wants to keep his job
In the corporate/professional world, reputation means EVERYTHING, especially in smaller markets/niche markets – potential employers can find out almost anything about anyone nowadays
The woman OP describes has recently had a kid, and with no apparent photos of the kid’s father on Facebook – I’m assuming this man will be paying child support for the next 18 years – are you willing to pay 18 years of child support to bang some used slut, who’s clearly irresponsible?
From his description, this woman is clearly irresponsible – could be at risk of multiple STD’s
OP is clearly thinking with his dick when he tries to justify why he should bang her. ‘Tight bod’ and looking good in miniskirts is hardly a rational/logical reason to bang your co-worker – plenty of women look good and have a tight body, albeit not in his department, but he could have just gone to the nearest mall

Now there are plenty of other considerations I can go into, but you get the gist of what I’m saying.


So the next time you guys are contemplating whether you should stick your cock into the only ok looking female in your department, don’t think you with your dick. Think with your brain.

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