What’s the Whole Point of ‘Game’?

This meandering thought hit my mind the other day, while I was patrolling the streets. I’m looking to add 2 new fuckbuddies to my roster by the end of April.


During one of my laps of Queen Street, I bumped into one of only two guys I have time for, in the whole of the NZ ‘game’ scene (ew yuck… sounds so lair like, and creepy). For the sake of anonymity, let’s call him ‘Chris’.


‘What’re you up to Chris?’ I asked


‘Nothing much, just chilling.’ He had his guitar with him. ‘I was busking before, but this random city watch cunt told me to move along. Now I don’t know what to do…’


‘Why don’t you play some cute girl a song?’ I jested


‘Nah, I need some cash.’ He replied. ‘I’ve already fucked four girls this week – I’m spent!’

‘Jesus Christ mate, you’re on fire!’ I exclaimed.


In the space of one short year, Chris went from a clueless 18 year old, just fresh out of high school, to regularly banging anywhere between 2 – 4 girls per week. Albeit, he is also VERY good looking, and does particularly well with these hipster type chicks. But still, nobody I know (myself included), even comes close to his level of success.


Chris has is in league of his own. ‘Game’ probably contributed to 10% of that success, but he believes it contributed around 95%. This belief is potentially disastrous. Time and again have I seen this belief lead astray young guns, like Chris, who have so much potential to live complete/well balanced lives.


‘So where to from here?’ I asked.


‘I don’t know…’ Chris looked lost. ‘I’m trying to make some cash. I was busking the other day and this guy gave me a $50 note. I was over the moon… but that only happens once in awhile. I’m still living with my old man, and broke too…’


‘Why not become that guy who is wealthy enough to just hand out random $50 notes?’ I challenged him.


Chris gave me a blank look, which was followed by disappointment, which was followed by self doubt. ‘I’ll probably get a job or something’ … he sighed. ‘Maybe watch some more infields. I don’t know’.


Chris had spent all his time, all his mental energy, and all his willpower studying game (even though he didn’t need to), which has resulted in other areas of his life suffering. He’s still 19, but 19 can easily become 30 if one has no greater purpose/direction they’re following.


Too many times have I met guys in this whole ‘game’ community, who’ve been at it for over 5 – 8 years, still following the same idiot RSD/daygame.com clowns, who are slipping further and further away from reality, and possessing no real skill/value they can leverage in the real world, but are still deluded by their belief that they’re ‘going somewhere’ or ‘are alphas, and getting girls with money/status are for chumps.’


Now if I was Chris, I would have immediately done the following:


  • Packed up my shit and went straight home
  • Logged onto my computer and opened up Google docs, or whatever word processor was available
  • I would have then immediately wrote down a 3 year plan, breaking down each year into things I want to accomplish/achieve, and different skills I wanted to learn to address my shortcomings
  • After writing these goals, I’d print them out, sign them, put them up on my wall, and read them once in the morning and once at night
  • I would have then applied for any job I could in SALES, and aim to be the top 3 of all salespeople in that organisation, then move into a proper B2B sales role after 1.5 years of successfully achieving sales
  • I would also immediately seek out books written by people, who I’d like to achieve a similar level of success to, and read and INTERNALIZE the useful things from one book per month
  • Somewhere around 3 – 5 months into my sales job, finances permitting, I’d move the fuck out of dad’s house, and look for a place with like minded flatmates – preferably males who are also on the same mission as me
  • I’d still continue gaming, but stop watching any bs advice by pickup artists, and maintain a regular roster of around 3 regular girls, and occasionally go out and meet new ones if it tickled my fancy


Now. Different people will tell me what the whole point of ‘game’ is. They may be right, they may be wrong.


For me, the whole point of game can be summarized in these few short points:


To keep your balls empty so you can focus on other things in life.


To bring you happy and fulfilling, healthy relationships with women.


To fulfill all of your sexual fantasies, and help you experience memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.


To help you master yourself, particularly important lessons around character building, and how the real world works – N.B. this point only applies to people who are not mindlessly following PUA monkeys.


To keep you entertained like any other side hobby would/should.


That last point is key. This whole ‘game’ thing should only ever be a side hobby, much like health and fitness. It’s not the be all and end all, and if you make it so, you’ll quickly experience burnout or complete delusional immersion.


Contrary to the typically preached ‘women are your other half/complete you’ bs, you as a man was/is never incomplete. This whole ‘game’ thing is designed to supplement your lifestyle, and address any shortcomings/knowledge gaps that you may have about women/relationships, which may have ramifications on your latter life (if not addressed correctly).


Once this is addressed, it’s just another tool in your tool belt. You always have it. You can always call on it. You do have to keep it sharp by exercising it semi-regularly, but if it’s the only tool you keep sharp, you’ll end up a one trick pony – I certainly hope Chris avoids burnout and/or complete delusional immersion!


One thought on “What’s the Whole Point of ‘Game’?”

  1. Great advice! I found that even though I did finally start to have some success, I got so caught up in mastering game that I’m feeling burnt out. I’ll definitely implement your recommendations and just take a bit of a break.

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