The Resourceful Player

If there’s one thing I hate as much as ASD/LMR, or perhaps even moreso, it’s spending money unnecessarily!


Because of silly New Zealand alcohol ban laws, if you get caught drinking any form of alcoholic beverage outside, you instantly get slapped with a $150 fine. This means you almost can’t avoid paying for overpriced drinks in a bar. ALMOST.


And when I mean pay for drinks, I don’t mean pay for her and yourself. I mean just yourself. If you’re paying for her too, you better be fucking her, otherwise that’s just a bad investment, and makes me want to cry…


Too many times have I paid for stupid dates that end up nowhere. Not even a kiss. Not even on the cheek… sigh… those beta male days…


Now if you’re rolling in $$ and don’t care, then feel free to stop reading here. But for all my players who are studying, don’t have a high paying job, or are equally as Jew/Chinese/Indian (insert cheap race here) as me, then this article is for you!

My quest for cost effectiveness started about 1.5 years ago, when I was in Prague.


While daygaming, I met a chap called Andrew. He was a really switched on dude and I liked his vibe, so we started hanging out. We were exchanging our lay stories; we happened to have met on the week I banged 3 girls, whom were all at least 7.8/10.


“No offence Shanghai Bobby, but you look like you’re broke” Said Andrew. “How could you afford to take so many girls on dates, and bang them?”


“Thanks dick…” I was slightly upset he thought I looked like a gypo…


“No, what I mean is, you look good but you don’t look like you could afford to take girls on fancy dates. How did you bang so many hot girls?” Andrew was absolutely baffled.


“I don’t take them on fancy dates” I chuckled. “All of my dates were at the little garden bar near my house, then after that, I just took them home and we fucked.”


At this point, he nearly spat out his coffee in disbelief. “Man, I’ve spent over 500kc (roughly USD $25) per date (which is HUGE money in Czech Republic), and they still make me wait for sex! You better not be bullshitting me!”


It was from that point onwards, I decided to make it my life mission to date as cheaply as possible, and still be able to quickly bed the women I’m dating (by the 2nd or 3rd date).


Summer Time Strategy


When you text her to meet up, only pitch drinks and a catch up. Never specify a venue or a bar. Just meet somewhere easy to find e.g. outside a large mall (Palladium in Prague), IMAX (in New Zealand), or wherever is easy to find.


As soon as you guys meet, tell her:


“Wow it such a nice day outside, let’s go for a walk to the (insert cool outdoors location here) and get some drinks on the way.”


Obviously this strategy is easier in countries where you don’t get policed for drinking in public.


In Auckland, because I know a secret spot in the city where police never go, I just take her there, and we drink outside anyways – never been caught (touch wood). Even if I did get caught, the amount I’ve saved on dates already covers getting fined 4 – 5 times.


Once you’re inside the booze store,, there are a few things you can do:


  1. Be an absolute fucking tightass Indian/Jew/Chinese sack-of-shit, and tell your date: “pick what you like to drink and meet me outside”, then go pay for your drinks (the cheapest nastiest shit) and wait outside for her
  2. Be a gentleman (beta) and pay for both your drinks (which is going to be cheap anyways)
  3. Pick together, then go to the front and tell the shopkeep you’re splitting it


When your beverages are procured, just proceed with the date as normal. If it starts raining during the date, this is a PERFECT excuse to get her back to your house, which should be within walking distance from your date location.


Cost of Date Calculations (country dependent – I’m calculating in NZD)


Drink at a bar $9 – $13 (per drink)


Minimum investment = $9 – $13 (per round)

Paying for both = $18 – $26 (per round)


Cost per drink when buying from the booze store = $2.50 – $5
Paying for both = $5 – $10


Total saved = $7.50 – $9 (pay for self)

Pay for both = $13 – $16


That’s if you only go on one date per week, which you shouldn’t be anyways. You should be going on at least 3 – 5. This means you’re theoretically saving almost $50 – $80+ per week!! With that kind of money, even if none of your dates put out, you can still pay for a blowjob!


I’m kidding about the blowjob part. Please don’t pay for sex/sex related services…


“But Shanghai Bobby, what if we live in a place which is constantly winter, shitty, and cold, like London. Your strategy doesn’t work over there you dumbass!”


Now this point certainly has validity. From my experiment, the most cost effective way for winter would be to keep it cheap and simple, e.g. a cafe, subway cookie, etc. etc. etc. Obviously being too cheap will mean you only end up banging the DTF ‘yes’ girls. The ones looking for a BF will most likely not come back.


This is when you get creative!


Obviously you can bring the girl straight back to your place, but that shoots ASD/LMR WAYYYY through the roof, which also means they don’t come back, unless they’re DTF ‘yes’ girls.


What I found works quite well is if you have some form of after hours access to some place e.g.:


  • A university/college lab
  • A studio
  • An office
  • Etc.


I happen to work in a office building 7 minutes’ walk from my house, and have 24/7 access. On top of that, every Friday, the social club buys booze and there’s always some left over.


Because of this amazing perk, summer or winter, I just take my dates to the office. It’s super high up and has a great view. On top of that, the dates are either near free or free, because the booze is already there, and if it’s not, I just do the cheap booze store procure method (as mentioned above).


It also beats going to a venue because:


  • You’re the DJ there
  • It’s private but doesn’t cause ASD
  • It’s always super clean
  • There’s plenty of space to do stuff e.g. dance with her (the amount of times I’ve put on club music and grinded with a girl in the office – I’ve lost count)
  • If you’re dating BF hunters, the office definitely helps the retention/return aspect
  • Etc.

Once I feel it’s time to bed my date, I just take her for a short walk to my apartment.


Anyhow gentlemen, I appreciate not everyone has access to these resources, and am absolutely grateful for mine. Having said this, a little resourcefulness goes a long way.
So the next time you’re fed up with overpriced dates/date venues, do a bit of experimenting and see what you can come up with. The cheapest date I ever took a girl on cost about $1 NZD. We ended up banging on the second date. Over time, the savings really add up!

2 thoughts on “The Resourceful Player”

  1. I suppose you should know yourself, and try your best to know the girls.

    If you are not the type of guys that get laid on the first date, all the time, why bother getting alcohol at all. I usually get laid on the 3rd date.

    Also many girls you meet during the daytime are not big drinkers. So save your money.

    1. My belief is that alcohol is a social lubricant, and is a social norm. There are a few types of social norms:

      1) Alcohol
      2) Coffee/tea
      3) Food

      Obviously #2 and #3 is something you’d do with a client or a GF/friends, and she’s neither, and I don’t to be her friend, hence alcohol is the most logical choice.

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