You Don’t Know Sales? You Don’t Know Game.

I’m sure I’m not the first, and most certainly won’t be the last person to make a post about how Sales will help your game. I am sure however, that this post will help you more than ANY Sales + Game posts in existence, present and future.


Most Sales + Game articles are written by people who don’t understand sales, or have never done sales, or have done sales but at a low level, or have done sales but have never been overly successful. They tell you the basics like brand, objection handling, quality of product, marketing, without fully understanding just how little these things have to do with sales.


The video below is one of my favorite scenes from the Wolf of Wall Street, and it also captures the most important concept governing all Sales, and Game. It is the concept of:


Consistent activity, over an extended period of time, regardless of circumstance or situation, and how you feel.

Unless you can master this concept, no matter how smooth of a talker you are, how awesome your lines are, how good you look, etc. etc., you will never reach anything more than a sub-average to average level of success, in either field.


Throughout my years of both Sales and meeting women, it’s all too common to come across the following:


  • A guy whining about how women are all mean, nothing is working, he doesn’t know how everyone else is getting laid, he’s texted like a billion numbers and they all flaked, etc.
  • A salesperson blaming the product, his prospects, the company processes, the market for being too small, etc. etc., and that’s why he hasn’t made a/many sales


After proceeding to ask them some basic questions about the following, they all fumble their words, start acting uncomfortable, squirming in their seats, and start giving evasive answers.


Those questions are:


  • How many prospects/girls did you talk to today?
  • How many this week?
  • How many this month?
  • How many meetings/dates did you go on?
  • What did you talk about/do on these dates/meetings?
  • How many buying questions did you ask/did you escalate?
  • Did you follow the fundamental rules of ABC (Always Be Closing)? E.g. killer instinct, pull the trigger you pussy, etc. etc.
  • Did you plan your day/week/month out? E.g. number of calls needed, number of meetings needed, number of dates required, etc…
  • Do you know what your closing ratio is? E.g. how many meetings you need to get a sale/how many dates you need to get a lay, how many live numbers you need to get a date, etc…


The answers to the above questions look something like so:


“Well… I didn’t feel that good today, so I just watched some RSD videos, and um…. Well, I got this girl’s facebook when I went out today, for a couple of hours. I did a bit of shopping, but was just really in my head you know?”


“Well I had these few important emails to write, and didn’t get around to making my cold calls. I did hand out over 5 brochures at my meetings, and the clients told me to put together a quote, even though we didn’t talk too much about their business.”


“Well, I had this one date with a 6, and she was kinda cute I guess. She messaged me first on Tinder.”


Anyhow you get the idea. These are just excuses upon excuses, and laziness beyond laziness.


Throughout my sales career, I’ve made no less than 60 – 80 calls per day, and attend at least 10 – 15 client meetings per week, consistently, for over 5 years now.


When I go talk to women, I’m always on – if I see a good looking female, I go hit on her. At one point, I was approaching from 12 noon – 10pm at night, for a whole month straight!


When I have a high level corporate job, I usually aim for 2 live numbers per day (on the week days), and spend about 3 – 7 hours approaching women (in the weekend), depending on how many dates I have booked, every single week, for at least 3 – 5 months at a time.

I follow the 300% rule, whereby, to bang 1 woman, I go on 4 dates with 4 different women. Sometimes I bang 2, or even 3 of my 4 dates, but the rule of thumb is you need 4 dates per 1 bang.


I also know that it usually takes 2 – 3 live numbers to get a date booked, which doesn’t fall over.


I also know that sometimes it takes me 1 approach to get a live number, but sometimes it could take up to 10+.


When I’m meeting women and going on dates, I never fuck around – this leads to the second most important concept of Sales + Game:


Don’t write wood.


Don’t write wood originated from the boiler room. It translates to don’t fuck around, pick up your balls, and go for the jugular. It is also known as screening (in Game) and qualifying (in sales).


Wood is essentially useless to us in game, and in sales, much like a brick is useless in the NBA.


One of the biggest mistakes guys and salespeople make, is failing to qualify their prospects, and whether there is actually a legitimate opportunity. They proceed to spend all their time and effort dealing with a tyre kicker, only to have them give an excuse much like these:


  • I’m a classy girl and not an easy girl, I’m a lady, why are you trying to have sex with me? N.B. this is after the 6 – 10th date
  • Thank you for your proposal, but we’ve decided to stay with our incumbent N.B. this is after a dozen + meetings, and 25 revisions of a proposal document, that takes 1+ hours per revision
  • I just want to talk and get to know you better N.B. similar scenario to first example
  • Etc.


Wood can also be used to describe a salesperson or gamer’s poor performance when trying to engage the woman, or the prospect. As discussed in the video linked, the trainee is so eager to send out an information pack, that they failed to even get the prospect excited in the idea of a sale.

The same can be said with these PUA idiots who use ‘indirect game’, because being too direct can lose you the ‘set’. They also somehow think they can turn a no girl into a yes girl, by being indirect, mysterious, DHV, blah blah…. If she’s not sexually available, then she’s wood. If you’ve been out with her for over 6 hours, and still haven’t touched her, you’re wood.


Wood is also a Facebook close when you can’t get her number.


Wood is when she asks for your number, when you ask for hers.


Wood is when you text her, she asks if she can bring a friend along, then you go with it thinking you can somehow game her, with her friend there.


Wood is when you go for a ‘kiss close’, when she’s clearly down to go home with you.


Wood is when you try to touch the girl a few times, she refuses, and rather than bail, you stick in there to try turn things around.


Wood is doing the same shit and expecting a different result.


Anyhow guys, you get the concept. Don’t write wood.


Mitigate your single point of failure.


Another common rookie mistake in both Sales + Game is banking on one big deal, or one good interaction, or one super hottie girl who you’ve fucked.


Nobody on this planet, not you, or I, or Goku SSJ3, or Jesus, or anyone else, can predict what’s going on inside your prospect/date/girl’s head.


Too many times have I seen salespeople rave on and on about this big whale of a deal, spend all their time working on it, neglect all of their other deals/small wins, bank their entire year’s target on this one deal closing, then making not a fucking cent when the big deal falls over, then ends up falling into severe depression, and ultimately getting fired because they haven’t sold shit, all year.


The same can be said about guys who make out with their first ‘10’, have a date with their first ‘10’, fuck their first ‘10’, etc., then forget all about everything else, spend all their time thinking about this one special girl, stop approaching, stop working on other girls, and focus 100% of their energy, only to have something go wrong and never to hear from her again, then ending up jacking off for an extended period of time, in a depressed rage.


If you have a premium deal/woman you’re working on, good for you! Just don’t forget that the minute that opportunity falls over, you’re fucked. No matter how awesome the client, how big the deal, how special the girl, you must always have a plan B, C, D, and E, and possibly F too.


Making consistent commission comes via many small deals/wins.


Having sexual consistency, whilst maintaining independence of outcome, and being at your best, comes via banging different (attractive) girls, whilst actively hunting out the cream of the crop.


This simple quote sums up the last point, perfectly:


Live as if you’ve made it. Work as if you haven’t.


Did you know most millionaires in the year 2017 have at least 7 sources of income? Why do you think that is? And why do you think they’re millionaires?


Because the minute one thing falls over, they’ve already got a bunch of backups ready to failover to, and continue life as normal, whilst they repair the minor glitch.


To conclude:


Only once you’ve mastered the above concepts, should you then think about the extra details, such as brand, objection handling, marketing etc. etc. etc.


The 3 concepts above should form the foundation of any good Salesperson/Player, and is a prerequisite to consistent success.

7 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Sales? You Don’t Know Game.”

  1. Are you an Asian guy from Auckland? I’m, Chinese, 19, lived here pretty much my whole life, found your site from googling sales and girls and I think I may have hit the role-model jackpot figure I’ve been searching for my whole life.

    Could I speak to you over skype sometime?

    1. Cheers for the kind words James,

      Sent you a PM on the GLL forum with my Facebook details. Hope I can meet/exceed your expectations!


  2. Really nice post. Hit home.

    Some parts definitely hurt. Like the “wood” part

    ” Wood is when she asks for your number, when you ask for hers.

    Wood is when you text her, she asks if she can bring a friend along, then you go with it thinking you can somehow game her, with her friend there. ”

    Christ that hurt. Women who that should be gassed, men who fall for that even worse.

    Had it happen only a few times.

    The funniest thing is to look back and remind yourself how there was a time when I could have falled for “facebook close” and shit like that. It was so long ago, I forgot that time existed. It’s good to be able to see how far you got and also to empathize with guys who are only starting.

    Fantastic article.

    1. Thanks CoolGuy,

      Appreciate the support!

      Dating and mating is such a strange game, and it often hurts plenty when women burn you, but then one day we look back and go, “wow I’ve come a long way”, which then motivates us to keep on going.


  3. Fucking awesome. I’ve been in sales for years, have always wanted to write a sales/game post but I think you just took the words right out of my mouth.

    Great to see someone that just “gets it”.

    1. It’s all a numbers game at the end of the day. No matter how refined you are, still gotta put in the numbers – only 5% of people are ready to buy at any one time.

      1. Hey Shanghai,

        I didn’t check back after I left my last comment, and I can’t find your PM on GLL

        I PM’d you my mobile on GLL, please give me a call when you have time, I’m excited to speak to you!

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