The Acid Test Always Works

Heya guys, this is going to be a fun little update today. Thinking back to a few articles ago, when I talked about the acid test and the 300% rule to screen out tyrekickers, I would get feedback from a few non-believers, along the lines of:

“Shanghai Bobby, you’re just not patient enough, and your text game is shit. Don’t blame the girl for being a tyrekicker”, and so forth…

I trust this will turn your non-belief into faith…

Preface and background

Met this girl in daygame. I was on my way back from lunch break and she was on her way to a job interview, or maybe she wasn’t; can’t take women seriously anymore…

Anyhow, I do my usual approach and get her number.

Apparently her name is Bridget.

Apparently she’s 18 and goes to some hospitality school.

Apparently she’s originally from UK, but came here when she was 2.

Apparently she is in the city all the time and is “super keen to catch up”, and should be around, but if not, definitely in the weekend.

Apparently she only dates guys older than 20.

I keep using the word “apparently”, because … well … I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

After that last text I sent her, there was no answer. Radio silence. It was quieter than a funeral.

But wait, there’s more to this story!

As I was getting ready to head back to work, she actually keeps me for a while, and asks me “what are you doing tonight?” I told her that I had to gym, but suggested another day and I’ll text her, to which she gleefully pulls out her number, and double checks to make sure I’ve got the right one.

Now you’d think after all of this, it’s going to be a sure-shot, grand slam home run. WRONG!

When dealing with females, the general rule is, the younger she is, the less her word is worth. That and we should base our decisions on their actions, and not their words – this girl is only 18 (or so she says), her words are practically worthless, or less than worthless.

It’s funny how when we mature, we start to calm down, see things for what they are – just a few short years ago, this would have probably caused me a night of insomnia, and rage.

“But Shanghai Bobby, how did you get all this other information?”

One of my friends who happens to know I talk to girls, who also knew her, drew my attention to this. He was very surprised when I just said “meh”. He was expecting me to be furious, because I essentially “got fucked around”.

Anyhow guys, the moral of the story and a few lessons for you less experienced gentlemen out there, trying to find their way in this treacherous game of “love”:

  • The acid test never fails
  • No matter how much she SAYS she wants to do something, when the rubber meets the road, no words can replace actions
  • Always have a plan B, C, D (300% rule)
  • Understand that such is female nature, and be not angry or resentful, but glad you have Shanghai Bobby to give you the cold, hard, and unpleasant truth
  • Women, especially girls, thrive on free attention. They’ll eat up everything you have to give and then some, especially a girl like this; typical makeup whore, social media junkie, club slut type – your time is valuable, so just send 3 – 4 texts, then put the heat on her. You’ll know within an instant whether she’s a time-waster, or not.

That’s all for now guys. Hope you enjoyed the fun little update!

4 thoughts on “The Acid Test Always Works”

    1. To an extent. They get a little bit better when they’re older, but 18 – 22, you need nothing but washboard abs to pull them. 0% brain, 100% aesthetics… lol

  1. Bobby, first off very happy I found your site, glad to see another asian brother doing well and thinking with his head instead of eating all the PUA bullcrap.

    My question to you is, what kind of success rate do you have getting girls to see you again from street game? I would say mine is something like 1/200, which ends up being decent with the volume I do, but also, my successes are just with average or slightly above average girls.

    And, did you see a big change in this success rate when you got big?

    1. Heya MC,

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve been on a small hiatus developing my skills on other areas.

      I’d say a good rate is 1 – 2%. The higher your SMV, the higher your success % – the higher my SMV got, the better the % got.


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