Look Great for Peanuts – Style Guide Series

Around 2 weeks ago, I started really getting into ‘op-shopping’, AKA: second hand clothing shopping / recycled clothing shopping.

I now always default to op-shopping whenever I can, and when I MUST buy retail new, I always make sure I go when there’s a HUGE sale on.

Sure, op-shopping takes a bit longer, but for that extra hour you spend inside the op-shop, you often save $300+ in RRP margins/bullshit retail margins.

Throughout the course of the next dozen or so plus posts, you’ll see me re-kitting my entire wardrobe, often for no more than $50NZD per full body outfit (excl. shoes, unless otherwise specified).

For all you overseas readers, this is the NZD to other currency exchange rate chart, as of today. USD isn’t on this chart for some reason – it’s $1NZD to $0.75USD:

Consider this series fashion tips + saving money tips + how to look rich tips, even if you’re a broke bum, which I know most of you are.


But Shanghai Bobby, why would you want to buy someone else’s used clothes, when you can go buy cheap shit from H&M, and other chain stores?


Can you buy a Versace leather jacket for $40 at H&M? Can you buy a Witchery for Man winter jacket for $30 there? What about Tommy Gunn pants/jeans or Levi’s for $10?


But Shanghai Bobby, some other cunt’s worn the damn thing, isn’t that dirty?


Just wash the clothes you numpty. I don’t ever hear you guys complain about fucking somebody’s ex GF, and they most likely raw dogged that pussy, which you most likely went down on.


But Shanghai Bobby, won’t the clothes look used and worn like a post wall single mother, what’s the point? You’ll look like a bum.


Thanks to our capitalist and consumerism based society, many people buy WAY more clothes than they can every wear, which means most of these clothes are worn only a few times, and are in most instances, near new. This is where savvy buyers like us profit – why pay full retail margin and some other guy’s salary, when you can get the best quality clothes at lower than wholesale prices?

Anyways guys, enough Q&A, here is outfit number 1. Items are as follows:

Converse denim over-shirt – $20 – op shop bought (near new condition, new RRP = $150)

V-neck tight fit T-shirt – $10 for 2, at your local H&M equivalent, during summer sale

Barkers skinny stretch black jeans – $20 – op shop bought (near new condition, new RRP = $120)

Barkers dark brown leather belt – $8 – op shop bought (near new condition, new RRP = $75)

Nike air-max, white leather CI – $80, brand new, discounted from $190

Knock off Armani watch – $20 to $45 at your local flea market (real, new, RRP = $450 – $500)

I was rocking this outfit and getting looks all day from random girls, while day gaming. It looks good, it cost me nothing, and for those of you who’re doing fake sugar daddy dating, this is the perfect getup, as the RRP on each item is very pricey, and they all mostly look near new! By the time the gold diggers realize this was all a fugazi, you would have long pumped-and-dumped them.

Paying retail margin is silly. Save your hard earned $$, and let some other turkey pay for you, by buying too much, then giving away his good quality clothes to the op-shop, for you to swoop in and pick it up at ridiculous prices!

Closing remarks

If you’re new to looking good, I recommend staying away from bright colors, and sticking with darker colors – especially for your jeans.

If your legs are too muscly (like mine), always buy skinny + stretch, otherwise, buy skinny (if you have normal legs).

If you have cool shoes, make sure your jeans don’t cover them up – show them off – women always judge a man by his shoes.

Fit > all other factors. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Gucci, Hugo Boss, or whatever other famous brand. If it fits like shit, you look like shit. Having said that, once things fit, then that’s when the hardcore expensive labels work their magic. You can easily tell whether something is cheap or good quality, once you’re in front of the person.

There are quality op-shops in every country. Try to target the ones that look like they couldn’t care less about making themselves look pretty. The boutique op-shops are savvy, and have savvy workers, hence they know what something is actually worth – we want to target the ones with idiot workers who have no idea what is worth what.

If you see something that looks good, even if it does look awesome, if it’s not a known label, Google it. If you can’t, then don’t buy it. The last thing you want is buying some H&M shit, for $20, second hand.

Coming up in the next installments

  • Full-suit outfits for under $100 (good + well known brands/good quality)
  • Smart casual outfits
  • Seasonal outfits
  • Casual outfits
  • Dress up or dress down overcoats/jackets

2 thoughts on “Look Great for Peanuts – Style Guide Series”

  1. Man thank you so much!!!! I’m putting this here on the second hand clothes article (like it a lot!!) but I mean it for EVERY ARTICLE you wrote so far (I read all of them). YOU’RE SO FUCKING BLUNT MAN I LOVE IT. I was one of those emotional dipshits (still am a little bit because I’m not getting laid) but I’m fucking working on it, and your articles are helping a lot. The stories, the ”game won’t help you” article, AWESOME man. There’s a shitload of game blogs out there, a few of them excellent , and you’re doing a great start man keep up the good work. Found you through GLL forum the 4 fuckbuddies thread – amazing man.

    1. Thanks my brother! Appreciate the support!

      In today’s day and age, with all these charlatans preaching absolute bullshit, you gotta keep it real. We’re all on this journey together, so don’t feel bad if you’re having a dry patch. Just remember bro, 6 months from now, as long as you keep working hard, you’ll succeed. Albeit, it may not be what you originally expected, but as long as you keep going you’re winning.

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