Look Great for Peanuts – Suit Up

Alright guys, this is the suit outfit I got from mostly thrift shopping – didn’t quite make the $100 budget, but still a REALLY decent buy, which you can use for multiple purposes e.g. work, suit game, sugar daddy sites, etc…

Items are as follows:

  • Barkers Egyptian cotton business shirt – $17.95 from the second hand store (RRP $150 new)
  • Peter Jackson black blazer jacket – $50.00 from brand new, discounted from $200.00 (closing down sale)
  • Calvin Klein brown leather belt $32.80 from the second hand store (RRP $160 new)
  • Tommy Gunn black business pants – $9.95 from the second hand store (RRP $120 new)
  • No brand aviators – $25.30 from the second hand store (RRP $300 – $450 new)
  • Arturo hand crafted Portuguese leather boots – $189 new on sale (discount from RRP $290 new)

I also bought a waistcoat for $9, but it was shit – tip – avoid waistcoats – super hard to match!

All up, excluding shoes and shades, great suit, versatile, and can wear on pretty much any occasion.

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