No Such Thing As A “Sure Lay”

Recently I’ve been seeing a few posts on the GLL forums with guys talking about a girl that was “definitely going to fuck”, only to end up furious/distraught/upset/confused why she “didn’t fuck”, for whatever reason. They then post “woe is me” type threads seeking people to tell them what they did wrong, what could have happened, whether they didn’t look good enough, whether they didn’t build enough attraction/comfort, and a whole bunch of other nonsense.


Obviously as you get more experienced in this game, you understand that this is a common occurrence, and the only way to mitigate lays falling over is to have plenty of backups + backups for your backups. Sadly, due to the mainstream PUA community corrupting the minds of young men, some still wrongly cling onto the hopes that there is a magic line to get every girl, or some magic technique to hook up with every girl you get back to your house (which is simply not the case).


Rather than write a protracted article about the reasons why there’s no such thing as a “sure lay”, today, I’m going to use some stories from my love life, of when seemingly “sure lays” ended up being “no lays”. Hopefully after reading this, you guys spend more time focusing on putting in more work/approaches, versus filling your head up with PUA crap.

The hot brunette French scene girl

I still remember this one like it was yesterday, even though it was a while ago. We locked eyes as we walked past each other, and immediately, I ran backwards to go hit on her. We hit it off right away, and within about 15 minutes, we were talking together to have a drink at the park (this was during the NZ summertime).


About 30 minutes into the drink, we were holding hands and cuddling. She told me she hadn’t seen much of Auckland, so I decided to take her to a cool beach I knew (huge mistake – never do this beta shit, until you’ve fucked her at least 3 times).


At the beach, we made out plenty and were cuddling/holding hands during our walk. Afterwards, I took her home to roll a joint and get some drinks. I was convinced this was a “sure lay”.


Anyhow, we’re on my bed and she wouldn’t let me do anything, apart from kiss her, grope her tits (bra on), and rub her pussy through her panties – panties and bra stayed firmly on.


After about 2 hours of this debacle, I kick her out, due to sheer tilt. I text her the next day to hang out. She tells me it was a bad idea, and I told her there were no expectations, and that I just enjoyed her company. She came back around – same deal as before. She then gives me some long winded bullshit explanation about not wanting to fall in love, blah, only here for 2 weeks, only wants to have sex with her bf… hamster hamster … some more hamster … more bs …


In the end, I had enough so just kicked her out again and deleted her number.


The German backpacker


This one I ended up dating for a few months, and she was one of the coolest girls I’ve ever dated, and probably the top 3 sex I’ve ever had. Having said this, it wasn’t until our fourth catch up, did we end up fucking.


I met her quite similar to how I met the French girl. We ended up hitting it off and after about an hour of hanging out, she was back at my place. I was a bit drunk, and she was drunk and severely jet lagged.


Anyhow, I went to make her a cup of tea, but ended up spilling hot water onto her leg, which was a good excuse to take her leggings off and “ice the burn”, while we were together on my bed. Unfortunately for me, little did I know I was in for a vicious cycle of (literally) 6+ hours of panties on/panties off, bra on/bra off.


At the time of us meeting, she had a boyfriend back home. When we were back at my house, in my bed, she refused to kiss me because it was cheating. I ended up going down on her and giving her two orgasms, by pushing her panties to one side (because she wouldn’t let me take it off and keep it off), and despite this, she still wouldn’t kiss me after, nor have my cock inside her, because “it’s cheating to kiss you”… two leg trembling orgasms later …


Anyhow, I ended up dropping her home after that debacle, with balls full of cum. She texted me and told me we could never see each other again. I waited a week before texting her to catch up. She agreed.


On our second catch up, I couldn’t even get past the bra – apparently I got lucky first time around because of the jet lag. Also, she told me she talked to her bf about wanting to take a break for a bit, and he flipped out – thank god he lost his shit, which makes him less attractive in her eyes, and actually helped me bang her in the end. Sadly for me, I didn’t get anything that day.


On our third catch up, it was back to pants on/pants off. Apparently she and her bf had been fighting non-stop when she wanted to go non monogamous. Apparently he’d also been exhibiting all sorts of beta behaviors, ranging from abusing her then to apologizing profusely, which played right into my hands… after licking her off a few times, I still get no sex and no kiss… I was starting to feel like a blowup doll…


On our fourth catch up, we finally kiss. After we kissed, she told me she dumped her boyfriend because he was being too dramatic. We fucked, but after about 5 minutes she stopped me and told me she was “going to give me blue balls, for being such a shit bag, and for stealing her from her bf”… yeah right, like you didn’t want it!


It wasn’t until our 5th catch up did we finally do it, and boy did I punish her pussy good for this whole ordeal!


The coworker


So there’s this one smoking hot American chick who works with me, but in another department of the office, in another city. She visits the Auckland office from time to time, and every time she does, she’s always wearing some sort of sexy outfit with the silkiest looking tights, which show off her legs like you wouldn’t believe!


Anyhow, I couldn’t handle it anymore, so invited her out for a drink when she last came up, even though I have a “don’t shit where you eat rule” – well, so much for that.


Within about 5 minutes of sitting down, we were already talking about sex, how she likes being choked, how to do anal the right way vs. the wrong way, bondage, and all sorts of kinky shit. She even told me she wasn’t wearing any panties.


We make out throughout the catch up, and she tells me she had to meet some mates for dinner, but she’d be back around 9pm. Come 9pm, I get this text from her … sigh … fucking women …

Apparently she’s fucked 2 colleagues in the past, and it never worked out well … hamster hamster, more hamster bs …


Anyhow, the next day at work, I ask her what she had planned for lunch, and she says she had plans but ok to get a coffee afterwards. I agree, and we walk out for a coffee, but I detour to my place. She tells me she wasn’t going to go, and I just kept walking (leaving her behind to go approach some girls). She then texts me about how she went to get coffee by herself, how the guy there “gave her the coffee free, and wrote his number on the back of one of their loyalty cards”, to which I replied “good for you”, to which she replied “actually, he was a bit creepy, and would have rather just had coffee” with me.


She then proceeds to try guilt trip me with feminist bs about how it should be a two way thing, I can’t do power plays like this, blah, hamster, more hamster, etc…


I ended up having enough of her bullshit and just told her I wasn’t gonna have coffee with her, and we can just catch up when she’s next here, making sure I set a clear frame that it was because I wanted to jump her, every time I saw her in her dress and tights (thus making sure she knows we were only gonna be fucking and nothing else, if that).


Anyhow guys, that’s 3 stories of my “sure lays”, out of bunch of “sure lays” that I’ve had, throughout the 9+ years I’ve been doing this shit.


So the next time you’re thinking of just cruising, because you’ve got one “sure lay”, think again. Keep working, keep approaching, follow the 300% rule, and mitigate your single point of failure!

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