Online Game Practice – 1

Hey guys, sorry for not posting in a while, been super busy with getting nice photos for online game – going to supplement my day game, especially during the winter months when the weather is shit, it’s raining, and there aren’t many girls leaving the house (all in hibernation).

Why online game? Because it’s time effective, easily repeatable, allows me to cast a wide net, and etc…

This was inspired by a book I read recently, where it talks about successful businesses having more than one income stream, and in the case of game, more than one pussy stream.

Take what you will from this gentlemen. This is a as much a learning experience for me, as it is for yourselves. I’ve been doing online game for the last week; it seems pretty straight forward; hotness of girls is definitely lower than day game, but effort + energy invested is also lower – kind of like passive income.

Current platforms I’m using

  1. OK Cupid
  2. Tinder
  3. Fetlife – because I’m a perverted kinky bastard

Future platforms

  1. Seeking arrangement (when I make some more $$)

Current strategy:

Basic guy game e.g. get number, go on dates, try to fuck on first or second date.

Future strategy (once I have a killer topless photo and move to a HUGE city 4mil+ population):

Will Freeman’s screen hard, super hot first pic topless washboard ab photo, go for straight DTF girls and ask them over to my house, on the same night/within the week. Have a look at his article btw, it’s great!

Pipeline So Far

4 numbers, resulting in 3 first dates confirmed. Tried to ask one to come straight over, but failed. Will try set up a first date next week.

My current photo set (using different ones/more explicit ones on Fetlife, with face removed):

Basic guy game getting some numbers


OKCupid x 2


Will update with lay reports and other prospects, dates, topless photo (when I get more ripped), and other stories as they happen.





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