Online Game Practice – 2

So, I’ve been continuing my online game practice, but mainly on Fetlife, and will be for another (approximately) 3 weeks.

After this time, I’m going to take a killer topless douchebag photo, that isn’t a mirror selfie, and repeat my Fetlife process on Tinder + OKC.

Of the 3 series of screencaps below, I banged the first one – pretty self explanatory. The other two insta-ghosted when they realized I was Asian.

Pretty upsetting, but that’s the nature of the game unfortunately. Much like how men don’t want to fuck fatties/fuglies, girls are picky/prejudice/racist when it comes to whom they want inside of them…

Having said this, the following facts are for certain:

  1. Aesthetics are king in online dating
  2. Good spelling/grammar is required
  3. PUA gimmicks/lines are completely unecessary
  4. If she asks you to put in more effort than what I have below, she’ll most likely be too much work, so fuck it
  5. Dick size probably does make a difference, but isn’t mandatory
  6. Don’t fuck around, these chicks are horny – don’t be that PUA idiot who overgames
  7. For Fetlife, a well written profile DOES make a difference vs. Tinder/OKC, which it doesn’t
  8. It is important to dress well in all of your photos – have good style – either rich + successful + sorted or edgy scum

12 thoughts on “Online Game Practice – 2”

  1. Killing the game my man! Are you sure those two flaked because of your race? Anyway keep it up brother. Keen to see what you can do on the other platforms.

    1. As much as I’d like to believe it wasn’t the race, I’m 99.9999% certain. Of course, there is always a margin for error, but that margin is VERY small 🙂

      1. Eh, I’m white and I get flaked on all the time, by girls of all races, but mostly white girls. I don’t think it’s a white/asian thing.

        Girls flake for a ton of reasons, they may have a better option, they may be scared about meeting up with someone for “just” sex, etc.

        1. Will let you be the judge of that one. Make a profile, crop out half the face, then when you get her number, send asian face to 50% and white face to 50%, then see how it works out.

    1. Thanks my bro. Wouldn’t quite say I’m slaying it (yet) … should start slaying it when I move to Sydney, upgrade income, then start doing Seekingarrangement game (but not paying for these dumb broads)!

        1. It’s simple – just don’t fuck around too much messaging back and forth (e.g. over 30+ texts).

          If a girl is keen to see you, she’ll see you. Text her 2 or 3 times, then just ask her to meet up. If she says no, it means she’s not keen.

          If she says maybe, it means she’s a time waster.

          If she says no but gives a different time/day, it means she’s probably not a time waster.

          If she tells you she has something on without giving an alternative time/day, it means she’s a time waster.

          In short, the acid test is just asking the girl to come meet you at a day/time. Too many guys in the pickup community get hung up on text game, then write a whole novel worth of witty texts, give her free entertainment, only to have her go silent. What a waste of time!

  2. Hey bro could you give us a quick rundown on what to do or what you do once you actually arranged a meeting? Do you just get “Straight into it:? Ahaha Cheers

    1. Depends.

      If you tell her to come straight over to your house, and she says yes, then just make out with her once you get inside and go for sex. If you tell her to come over but she says no, then just arrange a catch up at a bar/cafe near your house.

      If you arrange to meet at a bar, then follow my “what to do on a first date guide”, but aim to pull her after 30 minutes – 1 hour. Some people will say fuck her on the second date, but I don’t think you can find any quality women online, so I just try to fuck em quick and keep em as FWBs.

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