How to Decide Whether You Should Take Dating/Pickup Advice From Someone

The pickup/get laid/scoring pussy/dating/(insert term for getting girls here) landscape is wide and varied. Much like the supplement industry, it’s largely unregulated, full of charlatans trying to take your money and prey on your insecurities, and is largely (95%+) bullshit. In most cases, you’re better off not listening to them than listening to them.

Whilst there are a large list of Retarded Social Dumbasses whom you should not listen to, which I can go on and on about like a broken record, I’ve taken it upon myself to condense my 9+ years of doing this shit into a simplified flowchart.

This flowchart essentially demystifies complex algorithms into an easy to follow pictograph; the next time you’re wondering whether you should take “womans” advice from someone, before venturing full speed ahead into a potentially disastrous pit of doom (e.g. PUA and Retarded Social Dumbasses), refer to this to avoid what would most likely be an unwise decision!

Who to Take Dating Advice From.pdf

5 thoughts on “How to Decide Whether You Should Take Dating/Pickup Advice From Someone”

    1. Sadly, to post 9 years worth of statistics would hurt me as much as shoving a cactus up my arse…

      Here’s a good experiment for you though:

      1) Dress like shit, get fat, have really bad style, then buy the BEST “game/PUA” materials you can buy, follow their advice to a tee for 6 months, and see how many >5/10 girls you bang;

      2) Follow my advice, look good, dress well, have great style, get ripped, then just use basic guy game for 6 months, and see how many >7/10 girls you bang;

      That’s all the stats you need methinks 🙂

  1. So basically, only take advice from :

    1) guys you see doing PDA with hot girls on regular
    2) guys who are know to be players (because word spreads)
    3) guys on forums that post creep pics of hot girls they fuck

    Seems legit.

    There are VERY few people like this though, 99% of the world lives in complete darkness and will drag you with them, crazy thought

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