How to spot a time waster – Text Game is for losers

Time-wasters are everywhere – they’re particularly prevalent in the dating game.

There goes a good saying in sales: “only 5 percent of people are ready to buy at any given time”. In other words, the rest are musing and have no serious intentions to procure any of your services, or penis.

You can’t seduce the unwilling, and contrary to what PUA dumbshits tell you, you can’t turn a “no” girl into a “yes” girl. If a girl wants to meet you, no matter what she says or does, she’ll meet you. Vice versa, if a girl doesn’t want to meet you, not matter what she says or does, she won’t.

The same goes for you; if she doesn’t want to meet you, no matter what you say or do, she won’t meet you. BUT, if she does want to meet you, you can fuck it up by “overgaming” – don’t be that idiot and come off creepy/weird – it’s quite simple really, if she isn’t attracted to you, you can’t make her attracted to you with a piece of plastic (the phone).

Sounds like common sense right? Wrong.

Sadly for this clueless idiot (but good for you), you’ve got turkeys like this guy who still believe in “text game”, and that with enough “text game” you can “turn her around”/”make her want you”. Apparently it’s all about “game” and aesthetics don’t matter … where’s all that “game” getting them? Just ask Rod:

Below, I’ve included snippets and screenshots of the key things to look for, when trying to understand whether the girl you’re “gaming” is a huge time-waster. The minute you catch even a whiff of any of these red flags, you should IMMEDIATELY stop texting her, delete her number from your phone, delete her from your memory, then proceed to:

  • hit on 30 more girls
  • book as many dates as you can – even double book
  • go on as many dates as you can
  • spend time on the ones who’re not there to waste your time
  • keep maxing out your SMV
  • go work on your hobbies and goals

NB – I don’t even bother replying if I catch a whiff of time wasting potential, but for the sake of science and this article, I broke that rule just to get some screenshots of time-wasting behavior.

In summary, time-wasting is:

  • flaking with the excuse of being “busy” or something similar
  • telling you she has a bf before meeting
  • flaking without wanting to reschedule
  • flaking and saying we should reschedule but without proposing an alternative day/time
  • telling you she’s not free, without suggesting when she will be
  • saying let’s confirm once plans to meet have been set
  • using hypotheticals like “should”, “would”, “could”, “I’ll let you know” etc.
  • flaking multiple times (even though it should never get there)
  • telling you how much she wants to meet you but not meeting you – just like sex, if you love fucking, you don’t need to say you love having sex – this is just counter-intuitive
  • saying x time is too late AKA – not DTF, looking for many expensive dates and jumping through hoops before pussy
  • anything similar to the above


7 thoughts on “How to spot a time waster – Text Game is for losers”

  1. Super useful guide. Thanks.

    No I know what you talked about when you said you saw some girl was a time waster right away.

    Had similar experiences.

    I will cut girls like these quickly, from now on.

    It does take a bit of “tuning” to get a feel though. It should take a while to hone one’s instincts, but once you have them it should be easy. With some experience you will sniff bs right away.

    Thanks for the invaluable information

  2. Good to see you back and posting. I recently had a similar experience myself, except it went on way longer than yours did haha. It’s crazy how needy you get when your not talking to other girls!!

  3. Great article. My flake rate in San Francisco is 70-90% on any given month:

    I disagree that you should stop talking to timewasters, and especially disagree that you should delete their numbers (I never, ever delete a number).

    I burn every lead to the ground even though I know that most/all won’t end up meeting up. A couple times I’ve still gotten girls out on dates, and it takes <10 seconds to send a text message, so it's still worth it for me.

    If a guy has trouble with mental game or abundance, sure, go ahead and archive the conversation and stop texting, but otherwise, it doesn't hurt to keep following up on dead leads at least once before letting them go.

    1. Just depends on your definition of value. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t even have mental capacity for timewasters.

      Case in point, the other day I hit on a girl. She asked me (very surprised) why I didn’t remember her.

      I asked why would I remember her if we’ve never met.

      She then got furious and said she was in my room drinking only 2 weeks go.

      I then asked her whether we had fucked or not.

      She replied no, to which I replied: “and that’s why I don’t remember you”, then walked off

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