Bullshit or Legit? A New Way to “Night Game”?

Heya guys,

So thought I’d post this and get your thoughts on whether you think this guy’s all shit or credible.

I’ve kept my old RSD login to their Facebook group and enjoy trolling guys who talk big, then call them out on their bullshit. Till date, nobody has responded with anything seemingly credible or substantial.

Earlier today, I called out this guy and he responded with seemingly credible proof. I challenged him further and he eventually reached out to me via Facebook messenger.

The reason why this slightly peaked my interested is because I plan to move to Sydney soon, and when it comes to getting laid, I’m all about low effort high return.

The screen caps below have some legitimacy but also raise some red flags. I tried my very best to act curious and fish out as much information as possible, in order to gauge legitimacy. My judgment is as follows:

  • Most likely some legitimacy
  • The girls he bangs aren’t 10’s but could be 7-8’s – let’s be frank here, women are hypergamous, and if you’re an average dude, there’s no reason why the creme de la creme will go for you over the actual promoter / rich investment bankers
  • There is quite a bit of artistic licensing in his “proof” – after all, he makes a portion of his income peddling how to get laid materials to simps
  • Due to him saying his old company and current company having some legit content, something smells off
  • He talks about needing to establish cred – why would one need cred if they don’t plan to capitalize on it?
  • When I challenged him, he posted over 36 replies – overkill?
  • He understands that PUA is full of shit, but hey, this could be him just trying to down-talk the competition
  • He seemed overly eager to convince me – perhaps he sees me as a potential prospect?

Anyhow guys, have a look at the pictures and let me know your thoughts! Cheers!

12 thoughts on “Bullshit or Legit? A New Way to “Night Game”?”

  1. Firstly, as long as it works, I think any form of Game is great. Secondly, I don’t see why he is trying to impress you, but maybe he is just a talkative dude or wants to be vouched in the group. However, I do agree that saying SP has some quality content sounds off.

    1. Approx 6 months – at the moment slowing down on the Fetlife – messaged all the decent looking ones :p

      Summer is back so all good, day game time!

  2. This is legit, yes. I believe Krauser tried to do this early on in his career. I’m only six months or so into his blog post, so not sure if it worked well. He was never much for night game.

    Leveraging local ecosystem status is the best way for normal-looking guys to shoot above their range.

    However, you have to be into night game, drinking and hanging out at clubs. I’m not, so I would never even consider this.

    1. Sorry to break it to you, but Krauser is all shit. I’ve seen him operate when I was in Prague – he actually stayed in the same building I did – I only saw him approach 6’s. All the 7+ he just walked by them like he had AA

      1. Well he’s also fantastically ugly, old and has a slight beer belly, so the fact that he even gets laid at all is an accomplishment.

        I’ve read a ton of his blog and I think his rating system is quite off, but I’ve seen video evidence of him fucking attractive girls, back before he got big. I think he’s the best in the game considering his lack of looks.

        1. I can only comment on what I’ve seen, and I’ve read some of his most recent articles. He says ridiculous things like “I could have easily pulled her, but decided to hang with my buddies instead” and etc.

          In Prague, he was a joke. All the did was walk around Na Prikope like a predator with his coffee cup, looking for easy targets. Never once I see him even attempt to approach a chick 6+.

          Maybe he did pull some ok girls 15+ years ago, but I suspect that he would have looked much better. In Prague, he literally looked like Jason Statham had lost all his muscle, grew a big pot belly, got really bad dresscode, and looked extra lecherous all of the sudden.

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