Timewaster Guide v2 (With Casestudies) – Cut Your Losses Early

Heya Gents, hope you all had a great start to your New Year!

When you’ve been doing this “game” shit as long as I have, you start to sharpen your senses. Your timewaster detector ascends to eagle-eye level, and you begin to understand just how valuable your time is.

“But Shanghai Bobby, what if I’m new to this whole game thing and have no idea which chick is good ROI and which one isn’t?”

I’m glad you asked that. First of all, if you haven’t already, go read my original time wasters guide here:


This second guide is a more comprehensive version of the first guide – not everything in this world is black & white – sometimes, people spend time with you just to waste your time.

Because of the exact reason above, this article will help you discern trash from treasure in your dating life.

“But Shanghai Bobby, what does that mean?”

In short, if you’re not fucking her or doing anything sexual with her past the first date, she’s a timewaster.

“But Shanghai Bobby, what if they tell you they really like spending time with you, and miss you, and other stuff?”

Doesn’t matter. Words are cheap – always listen to a woman’s actions, not her words. To identify if she’s trash or treasure, there are only two simple rules you should follow:

NB – before we get into it, I like to reiterate that “text game” is bullshit, and I do not advocate or recommend doing it. The only reason why I’ve done it in these two case studies is to show you that IT DOESN’T WORK.

Rule 1 – if you are hanging out but not fucking, she’s a timewaster. You should have at minimum gone to 3rd base by the end of date #2; ideally date #1

Rule 2 – as per rule 1

Right, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s analyze the two case studies below:

Case study #1

This is a chick I hit on twice. Once about 9 months ago when she was still with her bf, and once a few weeks ago. I didn’t get her number the first time round but did so second time round.

We had two dates in total. She didn’t want to go for a drink with me in the evening (HUGE red flag) so I decided to see her at lunch time, and go for a walk.

NB – gents, I always advise against doing this. By not catching up for a drink, you’ve essentially screened her out as a chick who is not DTF. This is where the interaction ends – the only reason I kept going is to show you that girls like these lead nowhere – now you know what to look and can save your precious time when you encounter garbage similar to her.

After our lunch time catch up, I told her to come out later that night for a drink. She ended up flaking and we didn’t actually have a drink until the week after.

On our second date, I did touch her hands, cuddle her, play with her lovely legs, but didn’t get a makeout and she was also antsy about me touching her – another HUGE red flag.

NB – again gents, by the end of our second date you should have already deleted/blocked trash like this (to avoid future time wastage). The only reason I pitched a 3rd date at my house is to show you that girls like her lead nowhere, so you can avoid wasting your time when encountering garbage like her.

Case study #2 – screen caps are from after we had our second date. I didn’t think there was any value in including the Tinder convo, getting her number, and the text messages booking the first date

This is a chick I met of Tinder.

Much like case study #1, she broke up with her 5 year long boyfriend about 1 month ago. Can you guys see a pattern forming?

For a less experienced player, they would have wasted a LOT of time on this girl. She is super cool, she also does BJJ, and on our first date we spent the whole thing watching UFC/RIZIN highlight reels, talking, cuddling and etc. – we ended up getting to second base at the end of the first date – this is acceptable but not ideal.

NB – I encountered a fuck tonne of LMR trying to get further than second base, but this is an acceptable result for a first date.

For our second date, we initially caught up at her place, but her parents were home – I only briefly talked to them then we hung out in her room (she lives in a fucking mansion), but again this is a HUGE red flag – she’s clearly a boyfriend hunter.

NB – if a girl invites you to her place, but tells you that her parents are there you should NEVER say yes, especially if you haven’t even fucked her – this is boyfriend territory and I don’t play there. The only reason why I went there was to show you what NOT TO DO. Because I went there instead of pitching another catch up at my place, she gave me LOTS of LMR on date 2 – something she would not have done if I did not give off the vibe that I could be a viable BF… the things I do in the name of science… FML.

Further NB – her brother’s GF tried to set her up with someone on a blind date, and her mother was also trying to set her up with some nice guy – again this is a HUGE red flag (she’s boyfriend hunting, and I don’t do girlfriends).

Even further NB – If you ever encounter a time waster similar to case study #2, you should ALWAYS decline catching up at her parent’s house (unless they’re not there) and reschedule for another day. The only reason I did this was to show you that these types of girls lead nowhere, so you can avoid wasting your time in the future.

Ok, I digress. After we watched a few videos, I told her to show me around her neighborhood and we eventually made our way back to my pad in the city.

By the end of the second date, we got to third base and I dropped her back home.

“But Shanghai Bobby, there’s nothing wrong with this situation, it adheres to all the rules 1 & 2 of spotting a timewaster!”

You’re absolutely correct, BUT, as you can see in the text screen caps above, I pitched a third date and she said she was only free to hang until 3:30pm. She wanted to do a lunch catch up in her neck of the woods after we did BJJ together – a lunch catch up cannot lead to sex if she has to go at 3:30pm – this means the 3rd date would not end in sex which violates rules 1 & 2.

Also, I asked her which other days she was free and she dodged the question, then proceeded to insist on our lunch catch up – another HUGE red flag which boyfriend hunters typically display.

Furthermore, she pitched Sunday morning when I gave her the cold shoulder. Who the fuck even catches up on Sunday morning? What does she expect, a breakfast catch up so we can cuddle, hold hands, eat together, and not fuck? Fuck that. Next.

Even furthermore, you should not do BJJ with a chick you’re fucking or planning to fuck. The only reason I’m doing this is because my gym is closed and has been for 2 weeks – I’m getting withdrawal symptoms…

Up until this point we had already spent 12 hours together (or thereabouts). There was a FUCK TONNE of LMR even getting to third base. Now some of you guys would tell me I’m being too harsh on the girl in case study #2 – if you have time to blow then be my guest. To me, it just seems completely nonsensical to waste 12 hours on a timewaster, fighting tooth and nail getting to third base, when you can go day gaming and meet a non-timewaster who’s just as hot, just as cool, and will put out in about 2 hours.

Alright gents, that’s all for now. Hope you learnt something! In summary, if you meet garbage similar to case studies #1 & 2 you should immediately cut your losses and move on.

9 thoughts on “Timewaster Guide v2 (With Casestudies) – Cut Your Losses Early”

  1. Another great post. If a girl constantly redirects the frame to meet during the day, or only “safe” meetings, she’s not worth the time.

    Banged a girl yesterday from a first Bumble date. She told me it was the second date she’d been on, the first guy they texted for a month before meeting up, and then when she actually went on the date, there was zero chemistry, he was boring in real life.

    Meanwhile, this was our entire conversation over text before meeting up: https://i.imgur.com/DnC0ncz.png

    I used to have the frame that I needed to somehow impress a girl over text to “win her over” and make her want to go out with me. I’m slowly getting out of that mindset, because it’s qualifying myself to her.

    I used to have overly flowery and clever texts like in your above screenshots, but since I’ve stopped I no longer attract as many boyfriend-hunter types. Plus it saves my time having to think of how to be clever over text. Win-win.

    1. Exactly. That’s why in my last article, I stress that your SMV should do the work for you.

      See, the beauty of living in a globalized world where women are easily replaceable is that:

      If she’s not happy to do things your way, find another one who is.

      There is absolutely no need to try cater to her needs because that is simp behavior, and doesn’t get us anywhere. That’s also why we should never travel to go meet a chick because they can randomly flake on us at a moment’s notice. That is also why we should never change our plans for a chick, and why you should always double-book/triple-book.

      In 2018, there is no advantage or point for a man to be in a relationship – if we cater to her boyfriend seeking tendencies, we’re essentially giving her the green light to be a pain in the ass once we pick her up – much easier to just cut our losses and move on.

      Moving forward with the girl from case study #2, I’m just going to text her every so often for her to catch up at my house, after 5pm in the evening or for a whole day on the weekend. She’ll either give in or give up – either way, I’ll be hitting on other chicks so it doesn’t make a difference to me.

      1. Here’s some more case studies:

        This girl I think is a lost cause. Not free for first two options, and then I give an open-ended three nights and she’s also not free, with no movement on her end to offer an alternate time:

        This girl I think is shaky but might still happen. She gives an open-ended option to reschedule but still weirdly redirects my request for a weekend into her “week”.

        For both I think it’s the same protocol in any case. Go NC, and hit them up with a short value-giving text every week or so, then pitch date.

        1. Looking at their responses just makes me go on tilt – I’d personally just block their numbers, but all good if you wanna just have an auto text-bot or something like that, or maybe like a preset text template which you fire off once every two weeks or something.

  2. Hey Bobby, nice article and blog. I came across you on GLL, though I don’t post. Great to see another Kiwi btw. How are you faring with girls in NZ?

    1. Heya Gaurav,

      Thanks for the comment – I mostly try to avoid Kiwi girls where I can and go for hot foreign girls.


      1. That’s understandable. I think I do reasonably well with girls, but that’s because I mainly rely on social circles.

        If you’re based in Auckland it’ll be great to get in touch man. Email, text, etc.

        1. Drop me a PM on GLL with your dets and we can get in touch. FYI, it may take 1 – 2 months for the thing to reach me, or not reach me at all, so if I don’t reply send another one. GLL PM’s are absolutely hopeless…

          1. I was out of NZ for a while so I couldn’t get in touch sooner Bobby. I don’t have a GLL account, but flick me an email: gaurav91011.at.gmail…etc

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