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Heya gents,

Apologies for not posting in a while – it’s been a busy holiday period and I’ve been doing some travelling around Asia. Unfortunately managed to get some bad food poisoning so that took me out for a while too…

Thought I’d write this post, as I was reading an advice thread the other day. The poor misguided fellows in the case studies below have been listening to PUAs too much, and have essentially shot themselves in the foot – in short, they talked the girl out of meeting up with them for a date, as they came off weird, needy, beta, retarded, and etc. all at the same time.

Now you guys know me and my thoughts on “Game” and “Text Game” – it doesn’t exist. The golden rules are:

  • The less you text the better
  • The less hard you try the better
  • Always want them less than they want you
  • Always have a bunch of other girls you’re texting
  • Max out your SMV and let that do that work for you
  • Always go for the number as quick as possible
  • Never text more than a few messages to pitch the meet up
  • Always pitch the meet up as soon as you get her number, or even better, pitch the meetup and get her number to confirm location
  • Never get stuck on text banter – you can do all that shit in person
  • Never try to impress – it’s counterproductive

What you’re about to see below will most certainly hurt your eyes gents, but mastering the art of minimalism is crucial to success with women! To counterbalance the eyesores, I’ve inserted a few examples of minimalistic “Text Game”. If you’re SMV is high enough, you can even do it in one message – it all depends on your SMV.

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    1. I quite often go down on girls, and always use protection. I caught gonorrhea from my 5 month European trip, couple courses of antibiotics sorted me out. After that, I haven’t done raw dog.

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