Brief Little Update

Hey gents,

Sorry for not posting in a while – it’s been an insanely busy first quarter of 2018!

Long story short, I’m making the move to Australia and have spent the better part of 15 weeks prepping for it.

I’ve managed to secure an awesome job paying some serious $$$ and anticipate starting 6 – 7 weeks from now. My main focus until then will be to hang with friends/family, regaining the losses from the Thailand food poisoning episode, and be frugal with my spending.

Once I’m all settled into Aussie, you can expect a whole lot more good stuff on this blog (detailing all of my debauchery – creep pics included of course); there’ll be day gaming; there’ll be Fetlifing, and there’ll be plenty of everything else hedonistic.

In the meanwhile, feel free to sift through my GLL thread (you need to be a member) – there’s quite a bit of stuff I’ve posted on there but not on this blog:

Watch this space guys and thanks for the support!


4 thoughts on “Brief Little Update”

    1. Cheers mate – we have a saying in NZ: “go hard or go home”, which is exactly what I’m gonna do 🙂

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