Being Funny Doesn’t Work – With Proof

Hey gents,

Just thought I should link this video below – I can’t stress enough how important working on the following are:

  • Looks
  • Style
  • Height
  • Gains
  • Good grooming

Start watching this video from minute 6

You’ll see the bachelors, especially the guitar guy, break ALL the rules of getting laid (and subsequently going on to not get laid) e.g:

  • Dress like shit
  • Have a shit hair cut
  • Not buying fitting clothes
  • Looking like a simp
  • Being really funny and entertaining (almost trying to win the woman over rather than for self entertainment)
  • Giving a fuck
  • Trying to be witty
  • Not having any gains

What’s even sadder is that for the guitar guy, the only chick who was interested in him was a post-wall, 30 year old single mother, looking for someone to entertain her daughter – no doubt after he’s done singing she’ll tell him she’s too tired to fuck, then go on to fuck some Chad…

All in all gents remember, when it comes to pulling chicks, the only things that matter are:

  • $$$
  • Gains
  • Height
  • Style
  • Grooming

Hope this helps!


4 thoughts on “Being Funny Doesn’t Work – With Proof”

    1. Yes and no. As staged as it might be, the guy dressed bad, looked bad, had a bad hair cut, no gains, and etc…

      He’d have the same result day gaming if he looked as he did on the show.

  1. Dude you can’t use this trash reality show as an example that humor doesn’t work. This guy is a fucking clown, not just because of how he acted but by agreeing to be on this fucked up show in the first place. Having to impress a bunch of 5’s lmao. He was fucked from the beginning.

    Making a girl laugh does help if you do it right.

    I agree with the premise of your post, just think it’s a bad example.

    1. Whilst I agree that reality TV is a bit retarded, if you watch the other vids in this series, you’ll notice the guys who do end up pulling are opposite of Mr. Funny man e.g: tall, good style, good physique, etc…

      Also, if he doesn’t stand a chance with 5’s, he definitely won’t stand a chance with 7+; most of these 5’s were begging the good looking but not funny guys to take them out (and all ended up getting rejected), which proves my point:

      SMV > Funny always.


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