First Two Weeks In Sydney (Lay Report Included)

Morning Gents,

So today marks the beginning of my 14th day in Sydney – what an awesome two weeks it’s been too!

The City:


The transport is sorted. The opportunities are endless. There are tonnes of avenues and options to get laid. The food is absolutely amazing, and is of good value.

From my perspective, Sydney perfectly balances big city living with the perks of Auckland e.g.: good air quality, an amazing harbor you can walk to/from, easy bike access everywhere central, beaches just 30 minutes drive from where you live, and etc…

The People:

The thing I noticed immediately was the hustle of everybody in this city.

Compared to Auckland, most people take extremely good care of themselves. There is a massive gym and health culture, due to there being so many beaches. Bondi beach is comparable to beaches in LA; the chicks are smoking; the dudes are jacked/shredded; steroid use and abuse runs rife.

Like Auckland, Asians are everywhere. The difference though, there are so many more single people in their 30s/40s still enjoying the shit out of life. People here have less of a small town mentality, are getting married later (if at all), and are conforming less to social pressures/norms of childbirth/marriage.

There are winners everywhere, and people making over $100k – $150k everywhere.

One of my friends from Auckland started on $60k here, and within the space of two years he worked his way to over $100k (now sitting happily on $150k); the other friend started on $80k, and in two years ascended to $115k.

Whilst some hipster vegan cunts will call Sydney pretentious or shallow, it’s a city which truly reflects how far hard work and dedication can get you.

I’ve also never met so many different people from different cultures in my life. I dare say two out of every 3 people you meet in the CBD are not local – such a melting pot!

The Economy:


I was having coffee with the recruiter who placed me. She’s absolutely struggling to fill her roles; there are simply not enough good candidates! Almost every day a tech startup or giant will open a presence here.

Because of this unique situation, certain skill sets such as Business Dev, Fintech, Programming, Engineering, and Med Tech are in high demand. This sees excellent benefits being offered and gives the opportunity for candidates to jump ship every 18 – 24 months, encountering a massive salary increase whilst transitioning; and by massive I mean $20 – $30k extra.

The Day Game:


Back in Auckland, I literally had 2 streets and perhaps 2 – 3 side areas to day game. Over here, I have too many places and not enough time; it’s a day gamer’s dream.

On top of this, most of the people I see day gaming are retarded PUAs still running Tom Torero material, dressed like shit, behaving like simps.

Moreover, the ratio of idiot PUAs to chicks is far better; back in Auckland, there was a hunting pack of 3 – 5 PUA idiots who congregate on a weekly basis and walk down the street together as a group, hitting on chicks (cringe)…

The Women:

Diverse and mostly hot.

Again, due to the image-based and materialistic culture of Sydney, women really take care of themselves. You rarely see cellulite if a woman is wearing short shorts (vs. Auckland where none of them should be wearing short shorts), most women have flat stomachs and nice hips, big breasted women are plentiful, women are generally friendlier than in Auckland, and women from exotic places are more common in Sydney.

I think that’s a good short summary, now onto the lay report.

Lay Report:

This girl is a solid 8. Fitness chick. I met her while exploring Sydney and looking for a suitable gym.

When I arrived, none of the trainers were around, so this one gave me a hand and texted a trainer to come see me.

While we were waiting, she and I had a quick yarn. The thing that immediately stood out was her dominant personality – my type. We talked about training, and I found out she likes to warm up with guys’ max on the deadlift/squat (she’s got a hell of an ass).

Anyhow, after some time I part ways with her and start training.

A week later I was at the gym and bump into her again. We start bantering. I noticed she looked absolutely knackered and pointed it out to her. She mentioned how she had a big weekend; lined up 3 tinder dates hoping one of them was good (only to have all of them disappoint). We then start talking about Tinder, dating, guys, chicks, and etc.

After some time we share our profiles with each other. I also share my Fetlife profile, which I believe piqued her curiosity.

Anyhow, I told her that if I knew she was single, I would have asked her out the day I met her. We then exchanged numbers and went about our way. Later that day, we sorted out a time to meet.

We meet up on Friday (yesterday).

We ended up deciding to go for coffee as she’s got a specific diet plan.

After we sit down at a cafe we banter for a bit, then actually got into some deep convos about our past e.g.: my childhood bullying, poverty because dad gambled everything away, her childhood coming from a broken family. I noticed her turning more towards me and was pressing her leg on my leg, so naturally put my hand on her thighs/ass – no resistance, good sign.

After about 15 – 20 minutes, she tells me she’s hungry. I tell her because I’m new here, I’m not familiar with any special diet friendly places, but I cooked a beef casserole which is fully paleo friendly.

She questions my motives but says she’s too hungry to care. Haha, sure 😉 …

We get inside and whilst we’re waiting for the casserole to heat up, we start making out in the kitchen.

She finishes eating and is just laying so innocently on the couch; I pick her up with a fireman’s carry and take her to my room with the excuse that the aircon is cooler in there. Haha, sure 😉 …

And then the deal was sealed.

TBH I hope to see her again, but I doubt she’ll come back. I trained way too hard at BJJ the day before and was cramping everywhere – did such a shit job in bed. I also didn’t realize how kinky she was. After I ate her out, she nagged me to tie her up (because of me showing her my Fetlife).

She also mentioned that she hoped it would be kinkier; I had to actually put her into a full hogtie, gag, and BJJ choke her to satisfy her (all while both my legs were cramping non-stop)…

Unfortunately I travel light, and had left my lube, plugs, hitachi back home (stupid, stupid). Thankfully I always carry rope and bondage tape, hah!

Anyhow, it was a great (hilarious) first lay in Sydney.

Onward and upwards!




2 thoughts on “First Two Weeks In Sydney (Lay Report Included)”

  1. Good to see you killin it my man, Sydney sounds like an awesome place!!!! Look forward to seeing your posts in the future.

    Also didn’t know there were wannabe PUA’s in Auckland hahahahahah

    1. Thanks Frank! Early days yet so gonna keep working/hustlin hard!

      Sydney is a single man’s (who’s willing to work hard) dream come true. The opportunities are just endless – all one needs is discipline and the will to succeed.

      Yeah the PUA scene in Auckland is so cringe… they’re literally retards at the university who have this weird meetup group, then just congregate to hit on girls REALLY poorly. It’s so bad…

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