Online Dating Guide – How To Get Numbers and Dates

This post was inspired by a recent discussion I had with my flatmate in Sydney. It all started with a question on how to get dates, what to text the girls, and how to get them to meet you.

Also, before we get into, I do apologize for not posting in a while – I’ve been banging like a mad man and have had 3 girls on rotation for the last few weeks. My Asian lay recently fell over and the fitness chick is off in Europe for a month, so I’ve finally got some more time on my hands – I should have moved to Sydney sooner!

Now if you’ve been reading my shit for some time, you’ll know that:

  • I don’t believe in text game
  • PUAs are retarded and don’t get laid
  • I believe in getting your SMV to do the work for you
  • You should ABC – always be closing (or at least progressing the interaction forward)
  • You should spend minimal time texting the girl and get her details ASAP, then book the meet immediately after that

My flatmate mentioned that he had some difficulty in getting girls’ numbers and meetings, so I had a look at his Tinder and his texting style. As predicted, just by following my simple rules he will immediately see an improvement in results (provided SMV is high enough).

Below are my simple rules for getting numbers/dates from online game, and also some screenshots to accompany – hope you find it to be of use:

  1. Max out SMV and have great photos
  2. Don’t fuck around – screen, screen, screen
  3. Spend no more than 3 messages on the fluff, then go for the number
  4. Always establish logistics
  5. Always establish their schedule – no point getting the number if you don’t know what to do with it
  6. Don’t EVER text game – you shouldn’t need to
  7. Only get involved in small talk IF it’s followed by you asking for their details or pushing the interaction forward
  8. As soon as you get the number send them a face pic (if it’s on Fetlife and she doesn’t know you look like)
  9. Only ever get the KIK if she doesn’t want to give you her number
  10. ALWAYS pitch the meetup shortly after you text them – again DON’T TEXT GAME
  11. Text them on the day of the meetup “see you in a bit”/”see you later on” – bitches can’t manage their schedules and often forget
  12. If you feel that they’re DTF, just ask them to come to your house – I sometimes use this but not very often – just go by feel

Ok now here are some practical examples to demonstrate – you don’t have to follow this like gospel. These are more so basic guidelines:

No comments to add to the above, pretty straight forward.

No comments to add to the above, pretty straight forward.

This one is 3 hours away, so I thought it’d reduce flaking if she had a bit more comfort with a voice & chat – again no fancy bullshit comfort PUA game, just be normal and speak with her normally.

No comments to add to the above, pretty straight forward.

The one above kicked my tires a bit, so when she apologized for taking a while I just said “all good” – if I’m not high on her priority list, immediately asking her to catch up despite being radio silent for 3+ days only makes me look desperate. Notice how she immediately suggested meeting up after I couldn’t care less whether we met or not?

I don’t like booking shit too far in advance, so I’ll hit her up next week to book the weekend.

No comments to add to the above, pretty straight forward.

So in summary gents, as you can see here nothing too fancy – if you have to work to get her number/date, then she wasn’t DTF anyways.



6 thoughts on “Online Dating Guide – How To Get Numbers and Dates”

  1. Man, it’s insane how much easier Fetlife seems in New Zealand/Australia compared to San Francisco.

    I’ve sent 110 messages.
    30 replies.
    5 of those replies led to numbers.
    3 numbers ghosted
    1 girl said her “master” wouldn’t allow her to meet me
    1 girl met. She was uglier than expected and wasn’t even down to fuck on the first date.

    Has been a complete waste of time.

    1. This is very interesting feedback. Is there anywhere you can post your photoset? What is your profile text like? Let me know if you’d like me to link you mine as well.

    1. Much better than Auckland. Online has been treating me so well though, so haven’t had much time to cold approach – definitely still get hotter girls daygaming than online, but online is too efficient!

  2. Hi Bobby, do you mind sharing what kind of photos you use that got so many matches. I get next to no match on Tinder. The shirtless photos seem to get flagged really fast as my inappropriate.
    I’m also on GLL btw.
    Congrats on the progress and new life in Sydney.

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