The Best Advice Your Parents Never Gave You

Hey gents, it’s been a while and it’s good to be back!

I’ve been on hiatus for the past 6 months after coming across something particularly interesting, and have been dedicating 100% of my efforts toward it. As you can see by the new section added to this blog, I’ll be covering Investing and Finances henceforth. Just a disclaimer: this is not financial advice in any way, shape, or form. You should always do your own research.

Here’s a quick update regarding what I’ve been up to:


I had a couple of regulars here and there, but have mainly been dating an Aussie girl from Fetlife since August. She’s super chill, low drama, low maintenance, is the best sex I’ve ever had, and has a similar distaste for feminism as I – she suits my personality down to a tee. Considering I treat investing like a second job, she compliments my busy schedule.


After falling out with my feminist, bratty boss, I decided to never work for a female boss again. It wasn’t all bad though; I saved a sizable nest egg and invested it; I got a solid company on my CV; they paid me out a reasonable sum to piss off; and I’m scheduled to start with a disruptive startup in a few weeks (pocketing a decent pay rise too). Like they say, silver lining in every situation.


As mentioned above, I’ve fallen in love with stock market investing. I have been and intend to continue dedicating ~12 – 18 hours per week to stock market research and investing, and by investing I don’t mean trading. I mean long term steady value investing. I’ll elaborate more on this throughout the coming posts, but in summation:

  • I believe stock market investing is a stable way to build long term compounding wealth
  • You can start with as little as $500
  • You don’t need to burden yourself with debt like investing in real estate
  • You’re not buying shares, but pieces of high performing businesses – you’re effectively hiring the entire business, board, and management team to work for you
  • You can enter and exit as freely as you like
  • The costs associated with stock market investing are astronomically low vs. other types of investing
  • With today’s technology, you can pick the best companies from around the world
  • “There are no called strikes” – Warren Buffett

Alright lads, now that the quick update is done, let’s get into the post!

I recently turned 30, and as cliche as it may seem, I’ve decided to do a “what would the 30 year old me tell the 20 year old me” post.

Time is the world’s most precious resource. It is finite. There are no takesies-backsies. There is no refund. It’ll pass you by if you’re living your life unconsciously. If you choose to live this way, you’ll be old and decrepit before you realize, and by then it’s too late. I hope via my meandering thoughts you’ll find ways to maximize useful time, and minimize wasteful time in your lives.

University/college – my biggest regret

I was having a chat with “lil bro” the other day. Just 8 short months ago, we were back in Auckland having a discussion about life. “Lil bro” was expressing his frustrations with university, the traditional Asian way his parents were pressuring him into finish a degree he hated, and the prospects of potentially spending the rest of his days working a job he couldn’t care less about.

Fast Forward 8 months, he’s now living in Sydney working in sales (after dropping out), and he’s scheduled to make 6 figures this year. He is 10 years my junior; he makes more than all of his peers; he has more savings than most established adults globally, and yet society (especially Asian society) looks upon him less favorably than someone who conformed e.g.: holds a 4 – 6 year degree, ass deep in debt, making ⅔ as much. Best of all, he’ll be debt free in about 9 – 12 months. Oh, the intelligent world we live in today…

It makes me infinitely happy that “lil bro” took life by the horns and wrote his own fate – something I did far too late. University/college is completely nonsensical. They expect kids who know nothing about life to decide the future direction of their lives. The margin of error is high, and the problem is further exacerbated by these kids betting $50 – $100k+ on their naive view of the world being right – a bet they’ll spend their youths (and then some) repaying, whether they’re right or not.

Nothing academia could ever teach us will match field experience, and I encourage all of you to seriously consider how much value university/college will actually add to your lives.

You can’t fool nature

A good mate of mine (“Chad”) recently got divorced. Since his divorce, he’s fucked almost a dozen girls. Wait, what? Yep you heard me. Almost a dozen. And no, they weren’t hookers.

But hang on Shanghai Bobby, I thought most men who get divorced are a wreck? They’re middle-aged and balding, they have self-image issues, they’re fat, and the only reason they got married was to keep the pussy?

Well, whilst that may be true, in Chad’s case it’s not. Chad is a very successful professional who trains 6 – 7 days per week. He lives a very active social life outside of his marriage; his physique is immaculate; his style is on point; his income is high. What’s most interesting is that his entire friends circle consists of super high testosterone Alpha males on his level. These guys regularly fuck women who are not their GFs/wives, and also go to the gym 6 – 7 times per week. They’re also very successful in their careers and all have a 6+ figure incomes. Naturally by osmosis, Chad had everything he needed to be a player.

Notice how there was no mention of “game”/bullshit PUA lines/tactics/etc.? You don’t need it. If Chad is not concrete proof that “game” is completely redundant, I don’t know what is. 10+ years of marriage to a woman he lost his v-plates to and within of 3 – 4 months of divorcing, he’s slaying like a natural.

Need I say more? You can’t fool nature.

Being frugal – something that I did right

Of the many disadvantages of being raised by Asian parents, being good with money ALMOST offsets all of them. To those who say money can’t buy happiness, I reply: “go eat some avocados you stupid hipster vegan SJW millennial”.

Money buys freedom, and freedom buys time, and time buys happiness. The trick is to have both: money and time. Don’t take it from me, take it from Mr. Buffett himself: “don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving”.

Because of my nest egg, I’ve traveled Europe twice before the age of 30, and both times were 5+ months without working. These experiences are priceless and brings me happiness every time I recall them; I met some amazing people throughout my travels who’re now part of my network; I met some lifetime friends too.

Because of this same nest egg, I was able to up and leave for Sydney on a whim; I was able to fall out with my feminist SJW boss and leave on a whim; If I want to, I can travel the world for 2 more years without worries. This nest egg also allows me to freely invest in smart companies to compound my wealth – nothing holds me back from being where I want and doing what I want, which leads me to my next point…

Minimize any and all liabilities

Liabilities are the enemy of freedom. Can you think of some examples where liabilities stop people from doing what they want to do? Here are a few I see plaguing people around me every day:

  • Your credit card repayment is due next month, but so is your auto loan, and rent, and power. Defaulting on any would result in more expenses, which self-perpetuate into more expenses;
  • Based on your current income and outgoings, you calculate that even a 0.5% interest rate increase to your mortgage would spell disaster – half of the world cannot afford a $200 per month mortgage payment increase, as this increase would collapse the entire house of cards – peoples’ bank accounts have (in effect) become a holding account where funds exit as quickly as the enter;
  • You’ve just spent all morning packing the kids’ lunch and finally sent them off to school. At work, Shanghai Bobby tells you about this killer buffet where they do $15 all you can eat pork belly and invites you along. You jump at the idea, but remember the sound of your nagging bitch wife’s voice whereby: “$15 is a days’ groceries, of course you can’t have it!” You can’t stand the site of her post-wall fat ass, but you unfortunately nutted inside of her without signing a prenup, and now you’re fucked;
  • To make matters worse, your boss is a total fucking bitch and you hate your job, but the mortgage isn’t going to pay itself and the kids aren’t going to feed themselves, so you begrudgingly carry on as you have been for the last 5 years;
  • You would love to travel, but you’ve got $50 to your name and that has to last you until payday. You’ve been “saving for USA” the last 3 years, but every weekend the desire to piss all your money away at the bar/club gets the better of you. If only your “mates” didn’t peer pressure you to go out all the time…

Never pay full price

There are two ways to get more money:


  1. Make more
  2. Spend less

Because making more money is such an open ended point, I’ll focus on spending less.

The video I’ve linked above is a good example of somebody who lives a frugal lifestyle. I recommend this as a good starting point for ideas on frugality. Here are some other ideas below:

  • If you have dates with girls, make sure they’re never around meal times. This mitigates you being hungry and her making you pay for unnecessary shit
  • If she does try to make you pay, walk away immediately
  • You can also buy your own drink, then tell her you’ll go grab a table and to meet you at the table
  • Avoid eating out where possible, or if you are eating out, eat Asian. Asian food typically gives you very generous portion sizes at great prices
  • When grocery shopping, buy in bulk and buy when things are on special
  • Never pay full RRP for clothes/shoes – I do 90% of my shopping at thrift stores and second hand stores. Most of the clothes I have are branded and have only been worn a few times – sometimes they’re new because people bought them but left it sitting in their wardrobes
  • If you can’t wear clothes somebody else wore before you, make sure you buy on sale, although the cost difference is typically 300%+ vs. thrift shopping

Practical hobbies > passionate hobbies

Wait, what?

That’s right guys. It’s always better to do something practical than something you love (99.5% of the time).

But hang on Shanghai Bobby, everybody always tells us to do something we love. You’re crazy.

Now before you call me a pessimist, consider the comparison table below:

Practical hobby Passionate hobby

  • Makes you look jacked
  • Keeps you fit
  • Increases your SMV
  • Helps you get laid
  • Let’s you take good quality online photos, which gives you lowest input vs. highest ROI pussy

  • Does not make you jacked
  • May keep you lean and fit, but abs on a skinny guy is like tits on a fat chick – not impressive
  • You’ll just look like an average skinny guy on tinder
  • Unless you’re big in the running community and fuck chicks there, it’s not really that useful

  • Makes you a hard motherfucker
  • Real-world self defence practical applications
  • Mental discipline
  • Makes you more alpha
  • Increases your confidence infinitely, known you can handle yourself in any situation
  • Keeps you fit and lean
  • Teaches you to stay calm under shitty situations
  • Increases your testosterone
  • Surrounds you with other hard motherfuckers and makes you more manly
  • Great for general athleticism

  • Does not make you a hard motherfucker
  • Has no real-world self defence practical applications
  • May or may not make you more alpha
  • Does keep you fit
  • Does not teach you to stay calm under shitty situations
  • Surrounds yourself with females and gays, and creepy straight guys trying to dance to get laid vs. dancing to dance
  • Average for general athleticism, unless you’re doing something crazy like breakdancing
Sales and running a business:

  • Teaches you how to create and maintain rapport with anyone
  • Lucrative
  • Teaches you how the world works
  • Teaches you psychology
  • Teaches you accounting and finances, and economics
  • Builds you a powerful and valuable network you can leverage
  • Good salespeople will never be short of a job
  • Gives you much freedom that many other lines of work cannot offer or even compare
  • Great ROI vs. time invested

  • Largely useless when it comes to building rapport with people
  • Only lucrative if you’re crazy or dead e.g.: Van Gogh, Picasso
  • May or may not teach you psychology
  • Does not teach you finances and economics – most artists are broke hipsters
  • Does not build you a powerful network you can leverage (unless you’re the top 0.001%)
  • Very hard to have steady, predictable, and high income
  • Poor ROI vs. time invested, unless you’re super famous e.g.: 40 hours per painting vs. very little income

Now I’m not hating on painting, or dancing, or running. I used to do all 3, and quite well too. But I’d be far further along in life if I spent that time doing something more practical.

But Shanghai Bobby, you’ll just be an empty husk of humanity with no passion…


Competency breeds feelings of accomplishment. Feelings of accomplishment breeds interest. Interest breeds more competency. I can’t think of one person who doesn’t like doing what they’re good at. The trick is to get past the initial hump of become better at something. Do that, put in the time/hours, and passion will naturally follow.

Job = free education

They lied to you.

A job is not a “career”.

Neither is getting a job with a 6-figure income the be-all and end-all.

A job is an apprenticeship. An opportunity for you to learn while people pay you vs. university, which is an opportunity for you to pay people who don’t know much to teach you nothing much.

A job is nothing more than these things:

  1. An opportunity to learn as much as you can, while getting paid;
  2. An opportunity to save as much as you can, while learning;
  3. An opportunity to make connections who’ll benefit you later on in life;
  4. An opportunity to upgrade every 1 – 3 years, provided you play your cards right;
  5. An opportunity to find people better than you, to teach you what you don’t know and how to better what you already know

Once you can internalize this, even the shittiest situations seem not so bad, as long as you know why you’re working and what you’re working towards.

A 6-figure job is only the beginning. The baseline level is making money with time. The ascended level is making money with money, or someone else’s time.

It’s all about looks

“To those who say beauty is only skin deep” or “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”, I reply: “that’s what fat/ugly chicks or cucks/simps say”.

Taking care of your looks and presentation is one of the most important things in life. Did you know?

  1. Attractive people are more trustworthy
  2. Attractive people are smarter
  3. Attractive people are better leaders

Obviously the above 3 statements are bullshit. Being attractive won’t make you smarter, more persuasive, or better at leading, but being attractive will make people perceive you to be smarter, more persuasive, and a good leader.

In today’s world, there are so many good looking and incompetent people in high places. Whilst true skill and hard work cannot be replaced by attractiveness, you should absolutely maximize how attractive you are. This is only going to make your life easier, and with time being such a precious resource, you need to be as efficient as possible.

Just remember, the difference between a creep who approaches a woman the same way as Rico Suave, is attractiveness.

The best investment is an investment into yourself

Now by investing into yourself, I don’t mean buying useless overpriced shit. That’s not an investment.

An investment is something that yields a quantifiably measurable benefit. Let’s use “lil bro” moving to Sydney for example:

  • He dropped out of university 1 year into a 4 year degree, saving ~$25 – $35k in tuition
  • New Zealand does not have student interest (thank god), otherwise in 10 years, that sum will be closer to ~$50 – $60k
  • The 3 years he would have spent finishing degree he would have had negative income, or close to it
  • Instead, he’s now working a sales job that will earn him >$100k per annum
  • After taxes that’ll be closer to ~$70k per annum
  • Multiply that by 3 years and we have ~$210k
  • Total gained = $210k + $25k = $235k + total saved ~$50k = total net $285k
  • Total invested = $8k of wasted tuition due to dropping out + $350 for the one way ticket + initial settling in costs of ~$1.5k

What’s best about the above example is the intangible ROI lil bro has gained. Whilst we can’t measure this, I spoke with him about the intangible benefits, to which he replied: “priceless”.

But Shanghai Bobby, I not everyone can move to Sydney and do sales!

Correct. However, everyone can invest into themselves.

Ask yourself: when was the last time you bought a really good book? What about some quality training courses from reputable experts? Invested 10+ hours per week to learn a new PRACTICAL skill set?

Now ask yourself something else: when was the last time you wasted half a day being hungover? When was the last time you went out till 3am in the morning pissing your money away at a nightclub? Bought some expensive dinner for some chick who didn’t fuck you? Spent all this time on your GF just to get dumped?

An investment can be as simple as time, and as complex as moving countries. The difference between an investment and waste is the ultimate purpose of the exercise.

If you talk to most people, they wouldn’t even be able to tell you why they’re doing something. They’re just doing. Sad, truly sad.

In summation

Gents, I hope you got something from this article. As mentioned above, the key takeaway here is:

Know how truly precious and valuable time is, and be cognizant of exactly how/where you spend it.



10 thoughts on “The Best Advice Your Parents Never Gave You”

  1. Nice to see you posting again. Fetlife has been a total bust in San Francisco, except for weirdly an 18-year old with a ridiculous body reached out to me on there about a month ago. I’ve been seeing her regularly since then and it’s been fantastic.

    1. Sounds absolutely sweet. Is she the type who’s looking for a daddy dom? Super hot chicks with daddy issues are the gems I look for 😀

    1. Cheers mate, good to see you found it useful! Stock and equities research is intensive, hence I haven’t had time for much else!

  2. Hey Bobby, glad to see you’re back.
    In you text game post, you usually text the girl that you’ll sort
    drink, how do you rationalize splitting the bill afterward?

    1. Hey bro, thanks for the warm welcome back.

      If I tell her I’ll sort the drinks, then I’ll pay. I only say this if I know she’s going to be coming in to see me – most people in Sydney do not live in the city, hence it’s a mission to travel, which is only fair I get them a drink for their efforts.

      If that’s not the case, I just tell them to split the bill.


      1. Cheers bro, it great to know that you’re doing well in Sydney.
        Would you ever consider writing a post on how to break in and
        get started in sales? I am considering a career in Software sales
        and was wondering how to get started and what is the common
        career path.

  3. Would you recommend living in the outer core of a city, where rent is cheaper, if you have decent and affordable public transportation (in my case its Berlin), so one can save money AND get laid?

    Rents are quite insane in the core compared to outer core most of the time.

    1. Well, I think you need to do a pros vs. cons analysis and decide. For my analysis, the two main factors are transport cost and lost opportunity time cost.

      I live in the core of Sydney and the rent is about $1800 AUD/month. This is quite costly, but if we take into consideration everything else, we can see it’s actually a good investment:

      – Transport in Sydney ~$400 AUD/month to go from zone 3/4 to zone 1
      – Time for transport ~40 – 50 minutes each way from zone 3/4 to zone 1; total time invested ~80 – 100 minutes per day
      – My current hourly rate = ~$60 AUD per hour, excluding bonuses and commissions; based on 80 minutes = $60 AUD x 1.33 = ~$66 per day in time wasted; multiplied by 5 days per week = ~$400 per week in time wasted

      Now obviously that time isn’t actual time I’m being paid for, because it’s outside work hours, but it’s time I can spend researching good investment opportunities which WILL make me money. In addition to this, when you tell girls you live in Sydney zone 1, they think you’re loaded, which helps your SMV go up.

      Also, if you live forever away, it may be much harder pulling a girl back to your place via a 30 minute train ride vs. walking 5 minutes to your place from the bar, or in my case 5 meters 😀

      Hope this helps? We all have to live according to our circumstances and situation.

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