Focus On High Income SKILLS AKA: SALES

Happy New Years gents!

Here’s a fantastic video on finance, entrepreneurship, increasing your income, and learning valuable skills.

The thing I found most interesting is Dan Lok’s comment on focusing on high income skills; this video pretty much reinforces the:

  • usefulness of sales;
  • sales’ highly transferable nature;
  • low barrier to entry for sales e.g.: to get a basic sales job, it’s actually not that difficult, especially in something like recruitment where they’ll give anyone a chance;
  • high margin of safety – I’ve been all but fired from 1/2 of my sales jobs and still managed to get a $10 – $15k pay increase per new job – it’s all about how well you can present and story-tell;
  • sales is practically recession proof, if you’re good. During times of economic boom, companies are desperate for market-share, so need more sales people; during times of economic bust companies are desperate to survive and keep market share, so need great salespeople – either way, you’re good if you’re good

In summation guys, focus on high income skills you can use AGNOSTIC of industry, market vertical, country, language, economic cycle, etc…

EDIT: – I should add that if you want to get better at sales, the answer is NOT to buy Dan Lok’s course, as nobody can become good at sales in 7 weeks. My advice is to try and land your first job in recruitment or lead-gen as a BDR/BDX.

The video was just to reinforce the importance of sales as a skill. I doubt Dan Lok would even be able to sell one enterprise level deal over $50 – $100k in value, B2B.

For reference, have a read of this Quora thread:



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