When Should You Take Her Home – Part 2

Back in part 1 of this series, we explored how the speed of taking a woman home affects likelihood of sex and retention rates, and what I believe are some of the underlying thoughts and rationales going on in her head, when you decide how quickly to bed her.


In part 2 of this series, I have created some useful graphs and charts to help you visualize (if you’re not much of an avid reader). Hopefully this will help you decide how quickly you want to take your next date home.


As a general rule of thumb, because I have various time consuming hobbies and a demanding corporate job, my default is to always take her home without adversely impacting likelihood of sex nor retention, when I bed her. As mentioned in part 1 of the article, it’s usually somewhere between the second and third date, but more often than not, the second.

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Game Won’t Help You – Part 1

A couple of guys who see me working the streets came up to me today. We had a solid chat about some of their current issues/frustrations. One theme that kept coming up was around the concept of ‘Game’, and all these new systems I’ve never even heard of, which were intertwined with complex terminologies that attract migraine headaches like a magnet.

This article will be broken down into two parts, addressing what I believe are the biggest mistakes guys make when it comes to consistently meeting, bedding, and retaining attractive women, at least 7/10.

Fundamental Flaw #1 – believing you can ‘game’ them all, and with enough ‘game’ any woman will be yours:

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How To Text A Girl

‘Hey Shanghai Bobby, what do I text her?’ Asked one of the guys who lives with me.

‘What do you mean?’ I replied.

‘You know, I got her number so now I have to text her something super witty, make her laugh, and get her to think I’m an absolute boss so she’ll come on a date with me!’ He said excitedly.

‘Shouldn’t you have done all of that before you got her number?’ I asked.

He looked confused. ‘Bro, come on man, stop holding out on me! Text game bro!’ He exclaimed. ‘I wanna score some mad hotties! How did you get that Swiss girl to come meet up with you?’

‘I just told her to come catch up with me’ I chuckled.

‘Bullshit bro, don’t be a dick!’ He was clearly getting a bit frustrated, thinking I was withholding some secret national treasure, able to “Make any girl like you” or “Make her go completely wet for you” or [insert some phony PUA/crappy dating company guarantee here].

‘OK, OK!’ I paused, while giving him the most serious look I could muster up, without bursting into hysteric laughter. ‘I’m going to show you the holy grail of all holy grails, the secret to scoring mad hotties’ I continued, with a stern look and stoic tone of voice. ‘I’m gonna go one step further – I’m gonna to show you.’

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When Should You Take Her Home – Part 1

This entertaining little two-part segment was inspired by an extended dry spell, which both me and a good friend of mine had a while back. It’s also the reason why I no longer take women home on the first date, unless:

  • I’m at least 95% sure she’ll sleep with me that night;
  • And
  • I’m ok with this only being a one night stand (90% likely), which most of the time I’m not, because if I like her, it’d be nonsensical to bed her too quickly and have her ghost me;
  • And also because I have many kinky and perverted fetishes, which doing on the first time we have sex is asking for her to ghost me;
  • OR
  • She’s a foreign traveler who is only going to be around for < 2 weeks

Now if you guys are cool with a chain of random and inconsistent one night stands, by all means, go guns blazing all in. But, if you guys are busy, with a full time job, outside-of-work commitments, time consuming hobbies/interests, and etc., then slow down a bit! Just remember, even if you take her home on the second date rather than the first, it’s still HELLA QUICK! The total time she’s known you by that point would most likely be no more than 3 hours, if you’re following my advice.

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What To Do On a First Date – Part 2

Right guys, in the second part of my how to have a first date series, I discuss conversation tips, how to touch her, and why touching is so important.

If you missed part 1, it can be found here.

What Do I Talk About?

From my experience, you should talk less than she does. ⅔ (her) to ⅓ (you) is a good ratio. What you say should be a mixture of open ended questions/’high gain’ questions and statements. You should also repeat back to her some of what she’s told you. REMEMBER to lead the conversation. Even if she’s doing 90% of the talking, as long as she’s talking about the topics you’ve brought up, responding to the statements you make, and answering your ‘high gain’ questions, you are LEADING the conversation.

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What To Do On A First Date – Part 1

‘Oh god I’m so nervous, she agreed to come on a date with me, and I’m totally freaking out. What am I going to do?’ Said one of my more awkward, less confident mates (Tariq).

‘Was it that cute, geeky girl from the library you asked out?’ I replied.

‘Yeah that’s her! We’re catching up for coffee this Friday. I’m so worried that she’s not going to like me. What are we going to talk about?’ He nervously blurted, while fidgeting in his seat.

‘If she’s going on a date with you, she most probably ALREADY LIKES YOU’ I stated, with a look of conviction.

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Fond Memories of Prague 2

Continuing on from part one, I was due to catch up with Natalya 40 minutes after I dropped Suzie off to the underground.

I met Natalya on the same week I met Suzie, after leaving London and going on an approach rampage in Prague.

The day I met Natalya, she was walking around Na Prikope doing a bit of shopping. She was fine as all hell – blonde, big breasted, tall, wearing this tight dress that showed off everything, particularly her curvy hips + ass – very classy.

I ran up to her in the street and do what I usually do, which is: tell her she looks attractive, tell her just wanted to talk to her for bit, and freestyle from there.

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Fond Memories of Prague

This story carries on from when I left London (the day after I banged the Hottie with the third wheel), and if you missed the post, you can find it here.

Sitting in abysmal traffic and still yet to check in, with my flight about 80 minutes away, I was starting to worry whether I was doomed to stay in London forever.

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Why I Love Dating ‘Intimidating’ Women

‘Man that girl was smoking hot! Why didn’t you go talk to her?’

‘She intimidates me … look how she struts so confidently, so dominantly, like she owns life. And that resting bitch face, she’d eat me alive!’

Does this situation sound familiar?

I know when I talk to guys, time and again, this same topic comes up; or at least a variation of this topic.

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Just for One Night

Beautiful dark blonde hair, big brown eyes, tight body and C cup tits.

I had just finished up a late lunch after a long training session at the gym. Feeling less beat up than usual I decide to go ‘shopping for some pants’ (AKA talk to beautiful women on the street). It had been raining a lot lately and the sun was finally out, and experience tells me where there is sunshine, there is beautiful women.

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