When Should You Take Her Home – Part 1

This entertaining little two-part segment was inspired by an extended dry spell, which both me and a good friend of mine had a while back. It’s also the reason why I no longer take women home on the first date, unless:

  • I’m at least 95% sure she’ll sleep with me that night;
  • And
  • I’m ok with this only being a one night stand (90% likely), which most of the time I’m not, because if I like her, it’d be nonsensical to bed her too quickly and have her ghost me;
  • And also because I have many kinky and perverted fetishes, which doing on the first time we have sex is asking for her to ghost me;
  • OR
  • She’s a foreign traveler who is only going to be around for < 2 weeks

Now if you guys are cool with a chain of random and inconsistent one night stands, by all means, go guns blazing all in. But, if you guys are busy, with a full time job, outside-of-work commitments, time consuming hobbies/interests, and etc., then slow down a bit! Just remember, even if you take her home on the second date rather than the first, it’s still HELLA QUICK! The total time she’s known you by that point would most likely be no more than 3 hours, if you’re following my advice.

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