Listening to PUAs is Harming Your Sex Life

I decided to write this article, as recently I called out a typical PUA selling standard PUA snakeoil. It was in response to this article:

Now before I kick into things, let me preface this article by pointing out some standard characteristics that PUAs typically exhibit – particularly the ones who talk a HUGE game in order to mislead (more often than not) younger men, desperately seeking a cure for their lackluster love lives (and eager to part with their $$):

  1. They talk a big game
  2. They have plenty of posts and detailed articles about how they’re living the sex life of their (and your) dreams
  3. They never post any actual proof backing up point #2
  4. They use the excuse “I don’t want legal ramifications/implications, that’s why I don’t post proof” or something similar
  5. They always seem to have “sex with” beautiful women (8/10 +)
  6. They always seem to be “having sex with” these beautiful women in droves
  7. For some reason, the women the are “having sex with” seem to never get enough of them and keep coming back
  8. Anyone that challenges them on their legitimacy is a “PUA-hater” and is obviously angry at the world and [insert PUA excuse here]
  9. Their answers to you challenging them are often evasive and troll-like
  10. They regularly over inflate the attractiveness and quantity of the girls they “have sex with”
  11. If they do post “proof”, it’s of photos which are publicly available or creep pics which are stock porn photos e.g. no trademark/signature identifier that it’s them – for my creep pics, the trademark is ripped pantyhose

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Online Game Practice 4 – NSFW

Fet life pays off again – that’s 3 girls banged so far – once I get 10, you gents will get a comprehensive Fetlife guide written on here 🙂 !

Alright guys, so this is pretty straight forward. Long story short, I got the chick’s number and she said calling is best, so I called her last Saturday but got no answer, so I called her again yesterday afternoon.

She answered and said she was busy, but we had a good short chat. I told her we should catch up later in the week, and I’d call her then.

I was on my way back from wrestling training last night and she texts me out of the blue asking to catch up. I told her we could have a drink in my office, and it was pretty much on from there.

Once I got her back, did the usual – tape bondage, anal, plugs, ripped pantyhose, she swallowed, etc. – this chick is SUPER kinky – she’s actually a stripper and likes anal as much as she does normal sex – took my biggest plug no sweat! Very impressive.

Rest is self explanatory as per screen caps gents:

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Bullshit or Legit? A New Way to “Night Game”?

Heya guys,

So thought I’d post this and get your thoughts on whether you think this guy’s all shit or credible.

I’ve kept my old RSD login to their Facebook group and enjoy trolling guys who talk big, then call them out on their bullshit. Till date, nobody has responded with anything seemingly credible or substantial.

Earlier today, I called out this guy and he responded with seemingly credible proof. I challenged him further and he eventually reached out to me via Facebook messenger.

The reason why this slightly peaked my interested is because I plan to move to Sydney soon, and when it comes to getting laid, I’m all about low effort high return.

The screen caps below have some legitimacy but also raise some red flags. I tried my very best to act curious and fish out as much information as possible, in order to gauge legitimacy. My judgment is as follows:

  • Most likely some legitimacy
  • The girls he bangs aren’t 10’s but could be 7-8’s – let’s be frank here, women are hypergamous, and if you’re an average dude, there’s no reason why the creme de la creme will go for you over the actual promoter / rich investment bankers
  • There is quite a bit of artistic licensing in his “proof” – after all, he makes a portion of his income peddling how to get laid materials to simps
  • Due to him saying his old company and current company having some legit content, something smells off
  • He talks about needing to establish cred – why would one need cred if they don’t plan to capitalize on it?
  • When I challenged him, he posted over 36 replies – overkill?
  • He understands that PUA is full of shit, but hey, this could be him just trying to down-talk the competition
  • He seemed overly eager to convince me – perhaps he sees me as a potential prospect?

Anyhow guys, have a look at the pictures and let me know your thoughts! Cheers!

How to spot a time waster – Text Game is for losers

Time-wasters are everywhere – they’re particularly prevalent in the dating game.

There goes a good saying in sales: “only 5 percent of people are ready to buy at any given time”. In other words, the rest are musing and have no serious intentions to procure any of your services, or penis.

You can’t seduce the unwilling, and contrary to what PUA dumbshits tell you, you can’t turn a “no” girl into a “yes” girl. If a girl wants to meet you, no matter what she says or does, she’ll meet you. Vice versa, if a girl doesn’t want to meet you, not matter what she says or does, she won’t.

The same goes for you; if she doesn’t want to meet you, no matter what you say or do, she won’t meet you. BUT, if she does want to meet you, you can fuck it up by “overgaming” – don’t be that idiot and come off creepy/weird – it’s quite simple really, if she isn’t attracted to you, you can’t make her attracted to you with a piece of plastic (the phone).

Sounds like common sense right? Wrong.

Sadly for this clueless idiot (but good for you), you’ve got turkeys like this guy who still believe in “text game”, and that with enough “text game” you can “turn her around”/”make her want you”. Apparently it’s all about “game” and aesthetics don’t matter … where’s all that “game” getting them? Just ask Rod:

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How to Decide Whether You Should Take Dating/Pickup Advice From Someone

The pickup/get laid/scoring pussy/dating/(insert term for getting girls here) landscape is wide and varied. Much like the supplement industry, it’s largely unregulated, full of charlatans trying to take your money and prey on your insecurities, and is largely (95%+) bullshit. In most cases, you’re better off not listening to them than listening to them.

Whilst there are a large list of Retarded Social Dumbasses whom you should not listen to, which I can go on and on about like a broken record, I’ve taken it upon myself to condense my 9+ years of doing this shit into a simplified flowchart.

This flowchart essentially demystifies complex algorithms into an easy to follow pictograph; the next time you’re wondering whether you should take “womans” advice from someone, before venturing full speed ahead into a potentially disastrous pit of doom (e.g. PUA and Retarded Social Dumbasses), refer to this to avoid what would most likely be an unwise decision!

Who to Take Dating Advice From.pdf

Online Game Practice – 3 (NSFW pics at the end)

Heya guys, been having some more success on Fetlife lately. On Thursday I had a date with a hot cougar (which ended up at third-ish base). We’ve arranged to catch up after the school holidays.

After that, this hot 31 year old and I started hitting it off.

Long story short, I had actually hit on her during day game about 10 months ago (when she had just broken up with her long term partner). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get her out for a drink (due to lack of sexual availability and etc…). Having said this, it’s such a small world that she happened to be on Fetlife too – apparently her sister is a huge deal in the NZ kink community…

Unfortunately, due to her status in NZ I can’t disclose too many details (she mentioned discreetness about 1000 times), which I respect. What I can say is that she’s quite a well known model and is also quite high up in some other areas of business/society.

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Online Game Practice – 2

So, I’ve been continuing my online game practice, but mainly on Fetlife, and will be for another (approximately) 3 weeks.

After this time, I’m going to take a killer topless douchebag photo, that isn’t a mirror selfie, and repeat my Fetlife process on Tinder + OKC.

Of the 3 series of screencaps below, I banged the first one – pretty self explanatory. The other two insta-ghosted when they realized I was Asian.

Pretty upsetting, but that’s the nature of the game unfortunately. Much like how men don’t want to fuck fatties/fuglies, girls are picky/prejudice/racist when it comes to whom they want inside of them…

Having said this, the following facts are for certain:

  1. Aesthetics are king in online dating
  2. Good spelling/grammar is required
  3. PUA gimmicks/lines are completely unecessary
  4. If she asks you to put in more effort than what I have below, she’ll most likely be too much work, so fuck it
  5. Dick size probably does make a difference, but isn’t mandatory
  6. Don’t fuck around, these chicks are horny – don’t be that PUA idiot who overgames
  7. For Fetlife, a well written profile DOES make a difference vs. Tinder/OKC, which it doesn’t
  8. It is important to dress well in all of your photos – have good style – either rich + successful + sorted or edgy scum

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Online Game Practice – 1

Hey guys, sorry for not posting in a while, been super busy with getting nice photos for online game – going to supplement my day game, especially during the winter months when the weather is shit, it’s raining, and there aren’t many girls leaving the house (all in hibernation).

Why online game? Because it’s time effective, easily repeatable, allows me to cast a wide net, and etc…

This was inspired by a book I read recently, where it talks about successful businesses having more than one income stream, and in the case of game, more than one pussy stream.

Take what you will from this gentlemen. This is a as much a learning experience for me, as it is for yourselves. I’ve been doing online game for the last week; it seems pretty straight forward; hotness of girls is definitely lower than day game, but effort + energy invested is also lower – kind of like passive income.

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No Such Thing As A “Sure Lay”

Recently I’ve been seeing a few posts on the GLL forums with guys talking about a girl that was “definitely going to fuck”, only to end up furious/distraught/upset/confused why she “didn’t fuck”, for whatever reason. They then post “woe is me” type threads seeking people to tell them what they did wrong, what could have happened, whether they didn’t look good enough, whether they didn’t build enough attraction/comfort, and a whole bunch of other nonsense.


Obviously as you get more experienced in this game, you understand that this is a common occurrence, and the only way to mitigate lays falling over is to have plenty of backups + backups for your backups. Sadly, due to the mainstream PUA community corrupting the minds of young men, some still wrongly cling onto the hopes that there is a magic line to get every girl, or some magic technique to hook up with every girl you get back to your house (which is simply not the case).


Rather than write a protracted article about the reasons why there’s no such thing as a “sure lay”, today, I’m going to use some stories from my love life, of when seemingly “sure lays” ended up being “no lays”. Hopefully after reading this, you guys spend more time focusing on putting in more work/approaches, versus filling your head up with PUA crap.

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